How To Prevent Dengue in your loved ones?

Dengue can be prevented. Act fast! Act Now! Follow simple preventive things given below & Fight with Dengue.

Monsoon has set in and it is the time again to fight against the most rapidly spreading and deadly viral fever, Dengue. Though there is no specific treatment for dengue, there are active preventive measures which effectively helps to protect ourselves, our family and community. Eliminating the breeding places of mosquitoes and personal protection measures forms the mainstay for Dengue Prevention. Here are a few measures:

Personal protection

  • Protective Clothing – Wear full sleeved shirts and long trousers so that your full body is covered and there is no exposed part for the mosquitoes to feast upon
  • Use mosquito repellents – When you are outdoors or cannot wear protective clothing, then never forget to apply mosquito repellent creams
  • Choose right repellent – Right repellent, rides away mosquitoes. Choose repellents that contain DEET, PICARDIN OR OIL OF EUCALYPTUS
  • Proper Housing – Screen doors and windows with insecticide treated mesh with mesh hole area less than 0.04 inch. Air conditioning also helps to avoid mosquito bites
  • Mosquito bed nets – Sleeping under mosquito bed nets acts as an added preventive measure.

Control mosquito breeding:


  • Change water in vases and bowls on alternate days
  • Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days
  • Turn over all water storage containers
  • Cover water storage containers
  • Spray insecticides around your house weekly
  • Use of Guppy fish in water storage areas, feeds on mosquito larva and helps in controlling the growth of mosquitoes

Measures are few but it offers good protection from Dengue. Prevention is better than cure, implement the measures and bid farewell to Dengue.

“ Fight the bite to protect your life ”