I will breathe, I will think of solutions. I will not let my worry control me. I will not let my stress level break me. I will simply breathe and it will be okay because I don’t quit.

In the real scenario, not everyone has such spirit. There are many people who give it up easily and resort to easy options like suicide without thinking about the unbearable loss they’ll bring to their loved ones.

The root cause of this problem is stress. Stress is a condition of extreme difficulty, pressure or strain resulting in a response to any of environmental or psycho-social stimuli. We keep on hearing from our colleagues, friends, relatives or family that they’re stressed out on one thing or another. It varies for person to person. To a student, it’s the pressure to perform well and to professional is about meeting targets. People are mostly stressed because there is too much on their plate.

As a result, it is likely to affect our mental and physical ability. Stress affects the human well being up sustain the normally expected standard of Human life. Pressure is inevitable but the solution lies in active management. Stress can be negative or positive and it depends on how we respond to it.

Resilient people accept responsibility for their actions and they understand what’s gone wrong and then try to fix it in order to cope up with the stress. While some people become de-motivated. Stress can lead to depression, anxiety, strain relationships and even become seriously ill. If you find yourself in a stressful situation whether by your job or by something personal then first step is to feel better and calm the internal emotions.

Below are the highlights to burst your stress:

  1. Be active and spirited.
  2. Challenge yourself. Break free and take the reign in your own hands.
  3. Have some “me time” – self-introspection.
  4. Try to build a positive attitude.
  5. We tend to take a lot of stress during the weekdays and on weekends we must engage in activities that help us to get rid of the negative energy which can happen by watching humour.
  6. Once in a while, we should plan a trip solo or either with people who make us happy and make us laugh whether its friends or family.
  7. Take up any physical or sports activity.
  8. Accept the things you can’t change and create a positive outlook.
  9. Share your problems with the people who understand you or take the professional’s help for an empathetic ear.
  10. Be a good listener- probably this will help you to find a better solution.
  11. Help others around this will aid you in creating a better understanding of different situations under various circumstances.
  12. Sleep well and keep smiling since a smile is a happiness you’ll find right under your nose and set cure to any problem. Peace begins with a smile.

When despite repeated efforts individual complaints of stress. Seeking help from a professional psychologist becomes very important. As the psychologist can help people identify an unhealthy coping mechanism for stress and develop a healthy one to use instead.