1) WRITE  DOWN your anxious thoughts: When you write down your thoughts on to the paper it not only relieves your anxiety but also puts some perspective on the extent of your worries.  

2) MEET your friends: Not only should you avoid toxic friends; you must create a support group of friends who can listen to you and keep your spirits high. 

3) EXERCISE:  Physical activity like going for a brisk walk, run or swim can help reduce anxiety and stress. 

4) DETACHMENT FROM OVERTHINKING: When under Stress, we normally catastrophize the outcome. Stop predicting and try to deal with the present situation.   

5) MINDFULNESS TRAINING: Use meditation or relaxation and breathing exercises and take a moment to gather yourself.

REACH OUT: Sometimes the stress in your life becomes too overwhelming for you to handle on your own. A trained therapist will help you get relief from it.