Sun damage can lead to premature ageing skin , wrinkles,marks ,scars, dry skin and sometime even skin cancer.During summer your skin require careful thought even if you enjoy the heat and freedom of summer.

a) Understand how sun affects your skin during summer. Sun damage can activate free radicals and promote skin ageing.Sun burn risk the developing of fatal melanoma. Too much heat from sun can negatively impact elastic and immune system.

b) Always follow right skin care regime. Choose the right product according to your skin type.

   - Cleanser a soap free cleanser


  - An alcohol free toner to keep the pores clean


 - Sunscreen oil free and noncomedogenic to prevent clog pores and excessive oil secretion.

c) Avoid excessive sunlight exposure from 10am-3pm because the heat of the sun during this hours has the strongest heat for damaging the skin.

d) Physical protection 

     - Protective clothing, cover up your skin as much as you can, choose a fabric that won't cause itch and over heated. Choose light color that can absorb less heat.

  -  Hats,umbrella,sunglass are all equally important when you step out in the sun.

e)Keep skin hydrated: hydrate your body with water time to time, drinking lots of water will help your skin remain soft and moisten.
f) Fruits too is important to keep you cool in summer include fruits in your diet.When the heat make you crabby and you can't eat whole meals as much fruits like water melons, pine apples,mangoes,melon have a great way to beat the summer heat.