Labrador male dog with a maintained glossy skin
  1. Comb & brush neatly and regularly to keep your dog's coat clean , grease free and soft .
  2. Always use quality dog soaps or shampoos (medicated or for regular use& herbal) to bathe the animal. Do not use any human products in this regard.
  3. Give a good plane of nutrition fortified well with adequate animal protein, essential vitamins, micro-nutrients, omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids etc. 
  4. When you are not bathing your animal, sponge its body coat with moisturizing & cleansing agent containing moistened wipes which also will supply few hypoallergenic ingredients to maintain a healthy glossy soft texture of coat.
  5. Any onset of allergic manifestation you must handle at the very beginning stage by contacting with your vet as this may aggravate the condition and may produce a complicated state of skin problem. Allergy is the most difficult and challengeable factor responsible for an acute state in skin affections of almost all types.
  6. Now a days, plenty of advanced therapeutic as well as preventive medications (external, internal etc.) as well as many diagnostic aids are available to treat skin diseases. So do not wait or make delay or do not consult any non-professional person regarding the treatment of skin diseases of your dog which may make skin health of your dog further worse. Always consult a specialist veterinarian.
  7. Be careful about ticks, lice, flea & mites infestations on your dog. Contact your vet immediately.