One thing what we all want, is to look young and healthy. None of us, especially women never like to disclose their age.... and in fact nobody enjoys the aging process. But we all age over time and notice  certain changes. 

Parts of your body start to ache for no apparent reason, injuries take longer to heal, your hair falls out, and it’s impossible to hide the fact you’re getting older because of the wrinkles.

Infact, wrinkles is the most bothering thing we face as we age. We try everything, to fix these wrinkles starting with makeup, which slowly becomes less effective as we age, and botox and fillers which make us look like expressionless dolls to surgical correction ( Face lift). 

Now we have a 2 step solution for Wrinkles.  
MIT has come up with a two step application cream called Second Skin. This second skin takes a different approach.

It’s made of cross polymer technology, first layer of polysolixane and second layer of platinum catalyst. Applied as two creams one after the other. It then sets as a second skin, supporting the underlying tissue and visibly looks like younger skin due to particles in the second cream that diffuse the light. When applied to especially wrinkly areas, for example, below the eye, it can make an enormous amount of difference. And such is the strength of the polymer, pinching that area sees it return to the youthful look. You can even go swimming without it falling off.

This second skin treatment could benefit younger people in their 20's too. The polymer can be used to protect our skin from UV rays, prevent moisture loss, cover birth marks,  nobody would know you’re covering it up as it would look like natural skin.