How to Get Rid of That Nagging Shoulder Pain: Ultimate Exercise Guide for Workaholics

Nowadays sitting long hours on the desktop/office desk with incorrect sitting/working posture has lead to a lot of postural abnormalities of the shoulder joint. But your desk job shouldn’t necessarily mean that it should create havoc on your fitness. Here are few tips to prevent shoulder pain. 

Tricks To Cheat That Shoulder Pain 

1. While working on a computer always:-

  • Sit upright with the adjustable chair at the lowest height
  • Elbows should rest at 90 degrees to the armrest and the table
  • Do not hunch/ lean forward while sitting
  • Keep the desktop/laptop at adequate height
  • Walk with the chest out and shoulders retracted rather than with drooping shoulders 

2. Sleep:- 

  • Avoid sleeping with your arms overhead / under the head

3. Exercise:-

  • It’s a common misconception that if you walk/run for ‘x’ distance every day your body will be completely fit 
  • Yes walking or running are good practices for maintaining your overall health but for your joints and musculoskeletal system you should go that extra mile and do specific exercises for them

4. Exercises for the shoulder:-

  • Push-ups        
  • Pull–up        
  • Rowing        
  • Latissimus Pulldown