After all the travel, the body is SHOUTING for a detox, routine, normality and just to be home for a while. Even though you have justified a week of binging yourself (as it was travel), a part of you is already dreading the inches that might add around your waistline.

These are some simple steps that will take you to get back on track.


After long travel,  body is precisely looking forward to scheming or decrease the amount of fat, oil, starch, salt etc in food and eating clean as much as possible in the coming weeks to counteract all the preservatives or additives and other potentially toxic ingredients that may have combatted while selecting a diet on the go.Go ahead with eating simple Indian thali (Consisting of roti+ dal+ vegetable+ buttermilk or khichdi or dal and brown rice) for initial 4-5 days post travel to nourish your body of missing nutrient. Adding whole grains to your meal is the first step to feeling great and naturally losing weight.


Speaking of detoxifying; there may not be a healthier way to do that than drinking daily wheat don’t have to do a daily shot to get the benefits, however, a few times a week is great too, especially after a vacation or the holidays. It is a sure fire way to help speed up your energy, your vibrance and your metabolism.


This stuff is DYNAMITE for reducing that initial swelling or bloating after travelling. It also considerably eases water retention after a heavily salted diet. It is found that eating out almost always guarantees salt bloat. Infused water or detox water or green tea stimulates the liver, the primary organ that removes toxins.

Infused Water Ingredients: 2 litres of water 1 medium cucumber 1 lemon 10-12 mint leaves
Method: Refrigerate overnight.Also great for general detox including clear skin!


When it comes to health, diet is the Queen, but exercise is the king – (Jack Lalanne) Make sure you increase the output of the body in terms of calories burned (intake of food was higher during travel) by ensuring that you do the cardio exercise for the day. One hour of walk, swimming, treadmill, cross trainer or even spot jogging can do the trick.


Fiber is great for long lasting energy to give you the stamina you need after long travel days. The daily recommended amount of fibre you should take for optimal energy is 20-35 gms, but the average person consumes 10-15 gms on a daily basis and even less when they are travelling. Look foods rich in fibre like oats, whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables


Don’t be tempted to skip a meal, thinking that you are compensating for food that you overate during travel. if you skip meal there would be likeliness that you will over-eat in your snacks later. Start with complex breakfast – try oats cooked in water with cinnamon and banana or oats and curd or curd and poha or curd and upma. Eat small quantity at small intervals to rejuvenate the cells.

Good food, lifestyle and the right attitude. An effective weight management program is the one that provides lasting results without side effects.