We all have come across the situation where we have to deal with difficult people in our life. Emotional abuse is a worse form of abuse as it destroys your self-esteem. Emotional abuse takes place when an individual intentionally or otherwise, involves in a kind of behaviour that puts another person down and exert control over them. Threats, intimidation, betrayal are a harmful form of emotional abuse which person can face.

Many examples of emotional abuse are seen as in a parent-child relationship, those faced by co-workers at the workplace, in a sexual relationship. For e.g. In case of a sexual relationship, where the other partner wants to leave the relationship because of the abusive sexual behaviour of his/her spouse, the abuser will manipulate by convincing the partner in threatening, abusive way, by putting you down making you feel guilty. Unwanted sexual acts which would make you feel uneasy like “if you love me you would do this for me” this is beginning of abuse in which partner is trying to take control over other.

Traits of toxic people:

1. Narcissist, criticizer.

2. Controlling the other persons.

3. Boaster.

4. Manipulative and judgemental.

5. Always wants to prove themselves to you even if they are wrong.

6. They will try to defend themselves by manipulating in which they are best as they are not interested in your point of view.

7. Censorious, critical, fault finder.

8. They will not apologize.

9. They always force onto relationships.

10. Everything should go according to their experience.

11. Always talks negative about other people instead of focusing on good things.

12. Always tends up hurting others by their actions and are always self-absorbed.

13. Frequent loss of control over temper.

14. Liars.

Impact of toxic people on our lives:

 1. When you are at peace but you suddenly start feeling guilty or being scorned by people who use to care about you chances are you might be manipulated by toxic people.

2. Low self-esteem.

3. A feeling that someone is controlling you.

4. A feeling of shame for no reason.

5. Avoiding to meet people.

6. Emotional instability.

7. A feeling of helplessness.

How to deal with it:

1. Stay calm don’t take toxic people’s behaviour personally. Walk off if required.

2. Practice defenceless.

3. Confront them face to face.

4. Move on without them. Don’t let their behaviour affect your mental peace.

5. Don’t have to help them in every crisis, let them deal their own drama. Recognize your strengths and weakness.

6. Don’t be a victim.

7. Spend time with your beloved ones who are trustworthy.

8. Be in charge of your own emotions.

9. Always focus on the solution rather focusing on the problem.

10. Stand for yourself when they try to bully you.

11. Set your limits to respond only when necessary.

12. Forgive but don’t forget.

13. Don’t pity yourself.

14. Take time out for yourself, pamper yourself by taking a break.