Too Many knots in life but None to open up to. Recently a Judge from Supreme Court was asked to undergo a test for Mental Illness. He being a learned person knew his human rights to Refuse The Test for Mental Illness.

What about us , the ordinary humans , who can be labeled Mad Because it Serves the interests of connected lawyers in Family Matters.

Unfortunately Mental Illnesses Still Carries a Stigma.

Did any authority ask The Judge about Condition of his Heart-Lung-Kidneys?

It was an easy way out to ask for Mental Condition of Judge to be Judged by Medical personnel.

Yes I am Depressed because I am Human and Not a Robot.

I also know that it is a passing phase.

Either I will seek professional Help or Become My Own Guru.

Film stars are coming forward to help. They are baring their Souls about Them going through Phases of being depressed and seeking help to get over it.

But the Stigma continues....

According to WHO, global figures for Depression stand at around 5%.

The Numbers of depressed grew by 18.4% between 2005-15.

Close family members can be supportive or they can be otherwise also.

Family members can augment depression by creating conditions through lies, deceit, betrayal.

Selfish family members need to be recognized as early as possible and are to be kept where they belong to- a mile long away. 

Yes learn to keep them away, do not hang in a group that is the cause and the effect of depression.

Going for long walks is a good exercise for both, the body and the mind as it gives us an insight.

Eating healthy helps too.

Disciplined lifestyle with some productive work to do is to be taken at par with therapy minus drugs.

Reading, writing, connecting with the outside world through Internet or TV also helps us to Say Thank You God. Our Plight is a lot better than others.

Do some selfless service to humans.

Remember that if you have helped some helper at home and he/ she prefers rich neighbors ,never mind. 

It is their outlook to weigh people through their Karma or through their SUVs

Watch Comedy shows as Laughter is the best therapy for Depression and for our Hearts.

Seek professional help if need be but never make fun of or gossip about person suffering from Depression, especially if the person has confided in good faith.