Running evokes different emotions in different people. For some it’s passion, for some it’s rejuvenation, for some it’s life style and for some it’s way of life. Having to give up running because of issues of the knee and legs is a very big setback for some people in life. To keep running is important and for that you need to keep your knees and limbs healthy. Here are some suggestions to keep those injuries and pains at bay.

First remember what all parts of your body are involved in running.

1.Feet: So if you have flat feet, you are st risk of injuring your foot and knee as well, as your shock absorbers are absent in foot.

2.Knee: If your knees are hyperextending or locking while you walk, then. It is likely that you will use the same compensation while running albeit at higher speed. If so then you are likely to damage your knee cap (patella) cartilage if you continue running.

3. Hips and spine: If your back is stiff and your sacro -iliac joints ( the joint that joins spine to hips) & hope are tight, then you are going to strain either of them resulting in back and buttocks pain

4.Muscles: The muscles are of great importance in creating a thurst to run. Not only their strength is important, their ideal length ( no tightness), their co ordination and balance is important. So if your muscles are not balanced in function or if they are tight then you are likely to suffer from muscle pulls, Joint pains. 

The important muscles from bottom to top are feet intrinsics, calf, Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutei, spine muscles and not the least your abs.

5. Bone: Bones are the pillars over which everything works. If they are weak, the. The whole tree of your body is going to fall. So bone health is important to prevent stress fracture and bodyaches after running.

So following are the things you should look for and correct:

  • If you have flat feet then wear correct foot wear with wedge correction
  • Correct your gait ( walking style) so as not to lock your knees while walking
  • Correct your back stiffness by appropriate posture and exercises
  • Stretch and strengthen your core muscles as enumerated above.
  • Above all keep your bones and muscles healthy by appropriate diet, vitamins, hydration
  • As you see, it is a long and intimidating list. However, it’s not all that difficult. Gradually inculcate small changes one after another in your life style. Once they become your habit, you won’t find them so difficult. Create a regimen, repeat it everyday. Once you do that, they will become your second nature.At our centre, we help patients develop correct regimen of exercises, guide them to stick to it and temper them to keep perfect balance of desire and capabilities.Keep running.