The hair transplant industry in India is expanding at a high pace. This increase in demand is due to the changing trends and boon in the fashion industry. The cosmetic industry is advancing day-by-day and many new methods are devised to provide patients with utmost satisfaction. New techniques are being tested so as to enhance hair growth and ensure hair regrowth.

One such technique that is undergoing a lot of research and has proved beneficial through tests is PRP injections. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Such kind of injections has been in use since 1980’s. PRP injections are either used as an individual treatment or in combination with other hair growth treatment for people experiencing thinning of hair and hair loss. PRP hair treatment is a very well known hair growth treatment and has benefitted a lot of people.

A newer approach in hair transplant surgery is the use of PRP injections after the surgery to increase sustainability and enhance hair regrowth. PRP injections have proved useful for many as it decreases the thinning of hair to a large extent. This helps in providing better long term results to the hair transplant.

PRP injections

PRP or platelet-rich plasma injections are made by using a person’s own blood. Blood is generally taken out from the arms. The blood is then processed in a centrifuge machine. Such machines are used to separate fluids of different density. After being processed in the centrifuge machine the blood gets separated into three layers viz. the platelet-poor plasma, the platelet-rich plasma, and the red blood cells. The platelet rich plasma is den extracted for the three layers. This platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the areas where hair regrowth is desired. PRP injections have a high amount of platelet protein that stimulate hair growth. PRP also improves the quality of hair and treats thinning of hair.

PRP injections in hair transplant

Hair transplant may be carried out as FUT (follicle unit transplant) or FUE (follicular unit extraction) surgery. During the hair transplant surgery, pattern baldness is treated by transplanting hair follicles, extracted from the donor site to the sites of scarce or no hair growth. Hair transplant depends highly on the sustainability of the transplanted hair follicles. If the hair follicles transplanted doesn’t respond well, the whole surgery goes in vain. Moreover, sometimes even a revised surgery is required to attain the desired results.

Many surgeons nowadays suggest the use of PRP therapy after hair transplantation to enhance the results. By the use of PRP therapy, PRP injections are given at the recipient sites of the head. The protein-rich PRP helps increase the sustainability of the transplanted hair. PRP is known to trigger natural hair growth hence it ensures proper growth of the transplanted hair. PRP injections being rich in protein also speed up the recovery process. Thus, addition of PRP to the hair transplant process has great benefits at minimal risk.

Is PRP safe?

PRP injections are considered to be highly safe as they are made up of a person’s own blood. The injections come with minimal risks and side effects. As made with a person’s own blood the risk of communicable diseases is reduced to a great extent. However, as the therapy involves syringe and injections the risks of infections do exist. Calcification at injected points may also occur. Another big risk is anaesthetic malfunction. Anaesthesia is given at the recipient site to numb it before giving PRP injections. Complications may prevail if the anaesthesia causes a negative reaction or side effects. It is highly recommended to go through a complete physical examination of the body to ensure safety. Talking to your surgeon about your physical statistics and the medication (if any) you are on may help.

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