1. FREQUENCY- once you start taking the medicine, it would help decrease the frequency of the attacks. The frequency of a headache would start decreasing and you would start noticing that you are experiencing headache much less than before.
  2. INTENSITY- the intensity of a headache in a migraine is very high thus affecting the daily chores of the patient. With the medicine, the intensity of a headache would also decrease and the patient starts experiencing better health.
  3. NO SIDE EFFECTS- the homoeopathic medicines have no side effects thus anyone can take the treatment without any fear of having the side effects of the painkiller.
  4. TRIGGERS OF a MIGRAINE- migraine usually have triggers which initiate a headache. The homoeopathic medicine would help the patient in getting resistance to those triggers slowly thus removing the chances of a headache on exposure to those triggers.
  5. CAUSE- the homoeopathic medicine would also take care of the cause also like anxiety, hormonal imbalance, disturbed sleep pattern.

Thus, homoeopathy is a better system to treat a migraine.