Gingivitis :

  • Mildest form of periodontal disease .
  • It cause gums to become red ,swollen and bleed easily. It is caused by inadequate oral hygiene
  • It is reversible with cleaning and good oral home care.

Periodontitis : 

  • Untreated gingivitis leads to periodontitis , with time plaque can spread below gum line, toxins produced by plaque irritate gums and causes tissue and bone that support teeth to break down.
  • Gum separation leads to pocket formation  i.e space between gum and teeth eventually teeth can become loose.

Dry mouth :

  • Caused by inadequate function of salivary glands.It can lead to speech and eating difficulties , bad  breath ,increase tendency for cavities , infection in mouth . 
  • It is a common problem ,and frequent side effect of few medications , Stress ,cancer treatment , tobacco  ,dehydration can all induce dry mouth.         

Bad breath :

  • There are large number of bacteria’s present in  our oral cavity which may tend to give rise to bad breath. 
  • Dry mouth ,gum diseases ,food like garlic ,onion etc ,smoking ,tobacco and   few medical conditions can also cause bad breath.

Gum recession: 

  • Is a common problem in adults over age of 40 ,but may also occur at  young age .
  • It is the exposure of roots of the teeth caused by  loss of gum tissue.
  •  Causes include: aggressive brushing ,genetics ,  abnormal tooth positioning ,grinding your teeth ,trauma to gum tissue, poor oral health .

Mouth ulcers : 

  • Most commonly occurring are small ,painful lesions that develop in your mouth or at the base of yours gums they can make eating ,drinking and talking uncomfortable.There is no definite cause behind mouth ulcers. 
  • Certain factors can trigger mouth ulcers:Minor mouth injury while brushing ,sports injury , accidental bites, toothpaste or mouthwashes .
  • Acidic foods ,lack of essential vitamins, dental braces , hormonal changes , emotional stress .
  • Bacterial ,fungal  or viral infections.