Now, that you know what is a fruit diet and the good it can do to us, you must be wondering that does a fruit-only diet help in losing weight?

Simply putting it straight – it can! It works best if it is done relatively for a shorter period, like a few days or a week or two. In a two-week fruit dieting, you can very easily lose around 4 – 5 kgs and it is possible by eating a variety of fruits like apples, melons, bananas, sweet oranges, apricots and more. Also, you will have to omit all other types of foods, including caffeine and alcohol. The reason why a fruit-only diet is never recommended for a longer period is that it starves the body of essential carbohydrates and proteins. It does not or stops working if continued for a longer duration because fruits are naturally sweet and contain natural sugars, and excess sugar can get converted and stored in the body as fats. Therefore, all the purpose of trying a diet for weight loss is lost.

Can it be dangerous?

Yes, if continued for a long period. The effects can be really harmful. Fruits are not a complete meal, even if it provides the body with valuable vitamins and minerals. A complete and correct diet for healthy living is one which comprises of carbs, proteins, fats, and fibers in the correct ratio. 

How often should we eat fruits or try a fruit-only diet?

The best move is to replace a complete meal with only fruits in a day, as these fruits are the biggest source of valuable and vital minerals and vitamins for the body.

If you like to try a fruit-only diet for a few kgs of weight loss, it should be practiced for a few days and maximum to a week or two. Fruits are great for healing the body and detoxification. If you are using a fruit diet for detoxification, it depends upon what for you are getting detox. It is always better to check your healer on the same. 

A fruit-only diet nourished the body and also does not have any side effects. It helps in improving our cognitive abilities and physical revival. Try for a shorter period and get rid of the extra celluloid from the body.