If your husband is looking older then he is, feeling odd if he has crossed the age of 40, not eating vegetables, not getting regular blood tests, has high-stress levels, does not exercise, eats sugar-laced food after coming from the workplace, works for long hours, smokes, highly irritable. always tired, has mood swings and carries apple like excess belly fat then its time that you as a wife take charge of his health. Women generally are far smarter when it comes to taking care of themselves. So let's pass on some tips for your Husband:

Belly Fat shows Health problems

Husbands are likely to downplay their symptoms and delay meeting a doctor or take charge of their health. And therefore you as a life partner can be a blessing for your husband. Here are some Power Tips to enable your husband's good health:-

Take Charge of his Diet 

‘It’s clear that up to 70% of strokes and 80% of heart disease can be prevented by changes in diet and lifestyle.’-Dr Balz Frei

The First area to address Sugar, Fat and Salt in your Husband's diet. Next time you are in the supermarket to purchase Food ensure you adhere to this basic prescription. It could imply changing the oil to a healthier Option, Reducing Salt in his Diet and  Reducing the Sugar content. Both Sugar and Salt are addictive. Reduce Gluten in the Diet. Sugar is a major Health Hazard and needs to be curtailed.

Don't exhaust your husbands Pancreas. 

Ensure you serve Soup to your husband every day that is rich in vegetables like Pumpkin, Garlic, Chicken, healthy oil and Tomato. You can get creative and find out about the Healthy Soups. Food Habits need to be changed and Soup can be very filling and satisfying. Fruits such as Watermelon and Papaya are very good. Eliminate high sugar fruits like Mango and Grapes. Fill up his plate with Cruciferous vegetables such as Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels sprout and Turnip. Cruciferous vegetables are incidentally are known to be cancer kills. High protein vegetable Salads will do wonders for the Dietary plan. 

Alcohol intake needs to be reduced as it impacts almost all the Male Systems adversely including reproductive. Food Habits need to be Transformed

Exercise Together 

One of the surest ways of increasing the emotional Bond with your husband is to workout with him. So if you are pursuing yoga and Exercise try that your husband also joins you. This creates a lot of positivity and emotional connection. Point is to find some time for both of you to exercise. Teach him about flexibility, strength and endurance. The Yoga postures for Sitting Disease will do wonders for his posture, mood and flexibility. He will light and happy. Mental tension goes down both because of a positive interaction with Spouse and  Exercise. 

A husband and Wife who sweat together Stay Together

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Both Blood Pressure and Cholesterol increase Heart Disease and causes Erectile Dysfunction. Add Almonds to the Diet as it is a Rich Source of  HDL (Good Cholesterol), change the oil and Reduce salt.

Keep a Tab on our husband's Blood Pressure. Blood Pressure Categories

  1. Normal -Systolic Less than 120  and Diastolic Less than 80 
  2. Hypertension-120-139:and Diastolic 80-89
  3. Stage One. Systolic 140-159 and Diastolic 90-99
  4. Stage Two  Systolic 160 or Higher, Diastolic 100 or Higher 

Lower the Blood Pressure better it is for the person.   

Blood Pressure is a Silent Killer -Keep a Vigil on your husbands BP

Slow down His Biological Age -Hormonal Balance

All the above 3 tips are part of reducing the Biological Age of your husband. But a major part Biological Aging is Male Hormones. Some males age rapidly and some look much younger than their age. The Bodily changes appear slowly in males in the form of mood, fatigue and physical agility. It is the Testosterone in the male which is doing this trick. Reduction in T level can result in Heart Disease, weak Bones, Alzheimer's and cancer. Generally, the hormonal decline is natural as one age but if your husband is overweight, has psychological stress and taking some medications. Male Andropause starts at around 40-45 but nowadays we have a lot of younger men suffering because of early onset of Andropause. I strongly recommend that if your husband is 35+ then its time for getting his blood test once a year for keeping a Tab on his Hormonal Balance. Any delay in Diagnose of Andropause can be catastrophic. The low T symptoms are vague and tough to Notice and hence a Blood test once a year does not hurt, The clues for poor Hormonal Heath are a continuous complaint of Fatigue, Decreased Energy, Decreased Libido, forgetfulness, Depression, Irritability, Low self-esteem, sleep Difficulties and Bone Loss. 

early Onset of Andropause is Common 

The True way to show affection and love to your husband is by being his Pillar of Strength for his health journey. Keep listening to his mood, physical appearance, Regular Blood Tests, Serve him Low Salt, Sugar Diet, Reduce his psychological stress by humour and by being his partner in Exercise. 

Have a wonderful and loving Relationship. A good wife is a man's best wealth. 

Healthy Couple Best Couple