Many or rather say most people who smoke cigarettes or tobacco in any form believe that the changed made to their lungs are just hypothetical. But in reality, it isn’t so. A smoker’s lung is significantly different from that of a non-smoker’s healthy lungs. Not only function, but the appearance also differs largely.

Physical Appearance: 

Look at the above diagram. And that’s not an exaggeration. A healthy lung (one on the left) is as it is in its natural form. It is visibly healthy. While a smoker’s lung is blackened and contains harmful particles formed in the lungs. The color comes from the inhalation of tiny carbon-based particles.

But what resonates with the argument that ‘Now nothing can be done so why not carry on!’ Well, the discoloration of the lungs might not go away but quitting smoking can slowly and steadily heal your lungs and get them to function normally.


In normal scenario, the air from outside is inhaled through the trachea and makes way through the bronchioles. Bronchioles carry clean air into your lungs and take out the carbon-dioxide. Also, the cilia present in the lungs clean any dust found in the air that you breathe.

But when you smoke there are many alien and harmful chemicals that affect your entire respiratory system at large. The cilia don’t work correctly making it difficult for your lungs to filter air. The bronchioles are also damaged and can lead to bronchitis or other diseases. Lung congestion, cough, pneumonia, are some of the effects. Chronic smokers are also prone to lung cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

So, if you are a smoker, it is high time you start caring about your lungs. To begin with, book an appointment with a chest specialist and start towards a healthier tomorrow.