This a quick handy help for Diwali Night.At times no doctor is available on Diwali night,so keep these 2 medicines handy.

1. In case of Burns: Give first aid to the person by applying Ice or Cold water over the burn.Do not rub or dry using towel.Cantharis 200, five to six pills 4 times a day for 3 days.This will not only arrest formation of blisters but also reduce pain and burning sensation.

Note: Cantharis 200 is recommended to arrest the phase of burns.Patient must be taken to registered medical practitioner for treatment if Burns are of third degree.

2. In Case of Choking Sensation or breathlessness: If you feel suffocative due to pollution,smoke, take 5 pills of Ipecac 200 every 4 hourly.You will feel better.Remain Indoors and keep drinking small sips of normal water.Consult your doctor next day.

Note: Readers are requested not to continue the above medicines more than 3 days.This is only meant for quick help.Its advisable to consult your doctor and do not self medicate for longer period.

Wish you all Safe and Happy Diwali.