It is that time of the year when the chill of winter is in the air as the kids get the second break from school and it is just the time for the festive celebrations when this dry, racking cough irritating and hurting the throat comes from nowhere and spoils the party.

Well, isn’t this a common phenomenon when after a bout of cold; sneezing, running nose abate but seems to settle in the throat as a cough and simply does not go away. It is the time for all over-the-counter cough syrups but the tickle in the throat breaks every conversation and simply does not give in.

A patient with sinusitis also has a flush of fine discharge in cold weather that percolates back into the throat causing an irritation and again cough.

People who have been suffering from asthma are more prone for the chill to push the lungs to an alert and express the same as cough.

The other reason for the cough is by being impudent to the throat with some cold colas and ‘hot’ spirits with ice, which are gulped down the throat and it protests.

When it is celebration it is a time of oily, spicy, sour foods and over-eating which is a sublime invitation for the gastronomic juices to be produced in excess. This causes the acid produced in the stomach to push up causing reflux, heartburn. In other words, acidity and the excessive acid rises to the throat causing the irritating cough.

Cold weather also makes one to forget about drinking water and the dryness in the throat triggers cough. Not to forget the alcohol during celebrations only pulls away water from the system and dehydration is on the way.

In an attempt to protect children air-heaters are used which dries the air in the house and puts the little one towards cough.

Well, it’s time for the good news. Homeopathic medicine has remedies like Natrum mur and Kali bich which can relieve the cough that has remained after a bout of cold and sinusitis while Carbo veg and Bryonia tackle the ones with acidity; Alumina, Hepar sulph for ones who are vulnerable to cold weather; Nux vomica, Antim crud are remedies that help the patients who indulge in overeating. To keep the celebration in all the festive spirits going, Homeopathy is the best bet.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned medicines/ drugs are to be taken only on the recommendation of a practicing homeopathic doctor. You should not use this information as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. The author (doctor/ practitioner) or Practo will be not be responsible for any kind of mishap/ damage caused to the user of this information.