Hip joint the largest and most important joint. We use this joint day in and day out while sittting cross leg, squatting, doing most of the yoga. Primary arthritis of this joint is though uncommon in INDIA, secondary causes like avascular necrosis and post traumatic injury are more common causes leading to damage of hip joint. Few of the congenital anamolies like displastic hip, and infection mainly Tuberculosis are other causes leading to hip joint damage and painful walking with shortening of lower limb in patient.

HIp replacement surgery is most useful and advisable to all these patients. Painless and stable joint which allow to live normal life is what is expected by most ofthe patients. This is exactly what they get after total hip replacement. Ceramic joints have changed the total cenario of this surgery by giving long lasting joint to relatively younger age group of this surgery. 

Partial hip replacement or bipolar  replacement surgery is very common for older age group patients in which neck femur fracture is very common . But Total hip replacement is for relavely young group of patients who need more active life .Once surgery done all patients can return to their active life and literally their is no hindrance in playing, swimming, climbing staircase and sexual life.