Nowadays we find a good percentage of young adults with complaints of hearing loss compared to the elderly in the OPD. Hearing loss is increasing these days in young adults and one of the biggest reasons is Electromagnetic radiations. Using mobile phones, earphones, headphones, to listen to loud music for long periods of time severely damages our ears. 

If we keep our ears blocked with earphones or cotton that also contributes to our chances of getting an ear infection, as moisture stays in the ear cavity (since it is blind end cavity.) Moisture helps bacteria to grow faster in colonies, giving us more severe ear infections. One more common mistake that we should avoid is cleaning our ears by ourselves using any and all objects or even by ear buds. These things are dangerous for our ear drums. While cleaning a patient's ears, even doctors take the utmost care not to injure the ear drums. 

How can one clean their ears themselves? 

Pour fresh and clean water goes into your ears with free flow. Do not force the water to go inside your ears. Let the water take out the flakes of your skin, dandruff and dust which forms the wax. When the water goes in the ear cavity it helps to take out everything from the ear cavity, stalling the process of wax formation.