Exasperated clients often ask me, “But how would I know I am healthy if I don’t ever weigh myself!?” Here’s your answer:

Signs of optimal health Signs of suboptimal health
1. Increased energy levels 1. Feelings of dullnes and lethargy
2. Increased productivity   2. Lowered productivity and each day seems      like  a drag
3. Feeling of freshness upon waking up in the morning and from naps 3. Feeling of extreme grogginess upon        waking up
4. Feelings of optimism and positivity 4. Feelings of anger and irritability
5. Improved immunity 5. Lowered immunity and you fall sick often
6. Feelings of lightness, alertness and agility 6. Feeling of extreme heaviness
7. You can eat most vegetables without making a face 7. Nails chip easily
8. You no longer think that taste and health are mutually exclusive 8. Cracked heels
9. You can’t remember the last time you ate so much that you couldn’t move and/or wanted to immediately fall asleep 9. A small, everyday scratch takes a very    long time to heal
10. The mere thought of starvation/restriction/limitation/detox feels so far removed from the realm of your reality and you’re happy that you’re above all that now 10. Extreme sugar cravings
11. The comfort food you typically love and enjoy is available and easily accessible to you but you just don’t feel like eating it 11. Abdominal fat
12. You can consume your favorite unhealthy/cheat food without experiencing extreme guilt or remorse  12. Absolute resentment and hate towards          the body