People commonly associate sex with good calorie burn. But is it really true?

A 15 minute session of active sex burns about 42 calories! The average calorie intake varies between 2000-2500 calories. So, you can see that a 15 minute session of sex is not really a calorie burning workout!

Do not be disappointed, sex has many other fitness benefits!

Happy and Slim: Having sex releases the happy hormone, called Serotonin. Several studies have shown release of serotonin makes up happy. As a result, you are not just happier, but also avoid any binge eating from depression, reducing your chances of fat gain even more.

Muscle Growth: In men, having sex releases more testosterone. Increased production of testosterone, promotes muscle growth in the body.

Reduce fat storage- Sex is a great stress buster. Increased stress produces a hormone cortisol. Cortisol production promotes fat storage in the body. So have sex, bust stress, reduce cortisol levels and torch your body fat!

Immunity: Having sex releases hormones and chemicals that improve immunity. So, if nothing else, do it to prevent yourself from getting sick.