Something for runners from my pen

If you are starting running for health and fun. Great!  But please make sure that you use your muscles efficiently without any injury.

Hamstrings are a group of muscles located behind your leg and very important for runners.

Hamstring in action

Hamstrings injury/pull is a very common injury. 

What we to can we do to prevent hamstring strains?

Here are some tips can prevent hams injury:

  1. Perform dynamic warm up. 
  2. Be sure muscles are warm before doing kicking, moving lunges, and quick starts
  3. Make sustained stretching for flexibility a habit AFTER practice and AFTER games. 
  4. The hamstring should be stretched along the line of the muscle and is performed best with hip stabilized, and legs straight.
  5. Cardiovascular fitness is important. Tired bodies are injury prone.
  6. Perform balanced strengthening and build gradual challenge into dynamic power training.