Anyone who is even slightly familiar with Ayurveda knows that the premise of this whole practice of medicine is based on the fact that the source of life is Agni (fire) that resides in our stomach. What we feed to the Agni leads to whether we are healthy or affected by one of the Doshas. 

The effect of these Doshas are seen on every aspect of the human body, and the imbalances can be corrected with the correct food items. Here, let us take a look at the impact this has on the hair of an individual. 

The first type of Dosha or imbalance that we consider here, which has a direct impact on our hair is the Vata Dosha. This Dosha is typically associated with the depletion of nutrients and hence leads to dry, frizzy and unpredictable hair (starting off as straight and then curling). The recommendation for such hair is to use either Olive Oil or Thyme Oil to replenish the nutrients.

The next type of Dosha is the Pitta Dosha, which affects the pigmentation of the hair, leading to premature greying and thinning. The best option is such cases is none other than the king of oils – Bhringraj oil. 

The last type of Dosha is the Kapha Dosha, which causes the hair and scalp to be oily and greasy. Neem oil is an excellent cleanser for this type of hair, and you can even use a simple Triphala cleanser made at home to get rid of the excess oil.