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Good Fat vs Bad Fat

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
Fats are an important part of a healthy diet: They provide essential fatty acids, keep our skin soft, deliver fat-soluble vitamins, and are a great source of energizing fuel. For years, nutritionists and doctors have preached that a low-fat diet is the key to losing weight, managing cholesterol, and preventing health problems. But more than just the amount of fat, it’s the types of fat you eat that really matter. Apart from this it’s easy to get confused about good fats vs. bad fats. So first of all its really important to know what are good and bad fats? Types of dietary fat: Good fats vs. bad fatsTo understand good and bad fats, you need to know the names of the dietary fats and some information about them.There are four major types of fats:- Monounsaturated Fats- Polyunsaturated Fats- Saturated Fats- Trans FatsMonounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are known as the “good fats” because they are good for your heart, your cholesterol, and your overall healthSaturated fats and trans fats are known as the “bad fats” because they increase your risk of disease and elevate cholesterol levels of the body.Appearance-wise, saturated fats and trans fats tend to be solid at room temperature (think of butter or traditional stick margarine), while monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats tend to be liquid (think of olive or corn oil).The best sources of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and fish.Cook with olive oil. Use olive oil for stove top cooking, rather than butter, stick margarine, or lard. For baking, try canola or vegetable oil.Eat more avocados. Try them in sandwiches or salads. Along with being loaded with heart and brain-healthy fats, they make for a filling and satisfying meal.Reach for the nuts. You can add them to salads to give a crunchy flavour or just add them to your mid time snacking meal. Unlike most other high-fat foods, they make for a low-calorie snack.Snack on olives. Olives are high in healthy monounsaturated fats. Use them in salads, as a pickle or in sandwiches.Dress your own salad. Commercial salad dressings are often high in saturated fat or made with damaged Trans fat oils. Create your own healthy dressings with high-quality, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, flax-seed oil, or sesame oil.General guidelines for choosing healthy fatsWith so many different sources of dietary fat-some good and some bad-the choices can get confusing. But the bottom line is simple: don’t go no-fat, go good fat.If you are concerned about your weight or heart health, rather than avoiding fat in your diet, try replacing saturated fats and trans fats with good fats. This might mean replacing some of the meat you eat with beans and legumes, or using olive oil rather than butter.Try to eliminate trans fats from your diet. Check food labels for trans fats. Avoiding commercially-baked goods goes a long way. Also limit fast food.Limit your intake of saturated fats by cutting back on red meat and full-fat dairy foods. Try replacing red meat with beans, nuts, poultry, and fish whenever possible, and switching from whole milk and other full-fat dairy foods to lower fat versions.Eat omega-3 fats every day. Good sources include fish, walnuts, freshly ground flax seeds, flaxseed oil, canola oil, and soybean oil.FAT RECOMMENDATIONThe fat requirement for an individual depends on one’s lifestyle, weight, age and most importantly the state of one’s health. The USDA recommends that the average individual should follow these guidelines-:Keep total fat intake to 20-30% of caloriesLimit saturated fats to less than 10% of your calories (200 calories for a 2000 calorie diet)Limit trans fats to 1% of calories (2 grams per day for a 2000 calorie diet)The best way to keep on top of the fats in your diet is to become a label reader. On the nutrition facts panel, you'll find all the information you need to make healthful choices. Look for foods that are low in total fat as well as in saturated and Trans fats.

Too Many Decisions Might Be Making You Fat

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
To be successful at anything you need to plan ahead for e.g. to ace your exams you need to study in advance or for a successful party you need to be organized & plan ahead. Similarly, to lose weight you need to prepare in advance.We all lead very busy lives and are constantly making small decisions through the day. This leaves us exhausted at the end of the day and drains our willpower, making us more likely to eat unhealthy. So when you come home mentally tired, eating healthy, if you haven’t planned ahead, can be the last thing on your mind.You can also use this finding to prevent your busy life sabotaging your weight loss efforts. If you know your weekdays are hectic and stressful, you can plan ahead to take willpower out of the equation. For example, you stock your kitchen with healthy groceries it will be easier to toss something healthy for dinner at night. This strategy might not completely eliminate your desire to eat unhealthy, but planning ahead can dramatically increase your chances of making good decisions.Losing weight starts with the will power to develop healthier eating habits which over a period of time get conditioned into our system and become a part of our everyday lifestyle. As easy as it may sounds keeping the will power under control is the hardest thing to do. Best way to start is plan ahead, set up some goals and find ways to reinforce yourself on achieving them to stay motivated and stay focused.

Internet Might Be Making You Fat!

Dr. Sangeeta Malu, Dietitian/Nutritionist
Yes, the internet with all its know how, power and force is a blessing to have around, but did you know, the World Wide Web is to be blamed for most of us gathering those layers around our waist? Indeed, the internet is giving birth to a large population of tubbies and chubbies galore. This is because we as humans in our daily lives- at work or at play, tend to spend more time in front of a computer, a laptop or a gaming console online, than by taking a walk in the park, going out for a drive, a jogging session or maybe a good old session of talks over a cup of tea with family and friends. The internet has stolen us of our physical activities. Well almost, and it is so true. Ask yourself how much of time you spend doing physical work, and compare that to the amount of time you would sit to check your social media accounts, your emails or to do your work online? Don't be surprised when the measuring scales tip more to the latter than the former- you still wonder where all that weight came from! Why does the internet make us fat? The answer is simple - it isn't the direct affect but the indirect affect of the internet that makes us fat. We are so hooked to what is happening online, which makes us not want to miss a single moment. Mom and dad are busy with their work, and we are busy at our screens. In most cases, we would bring our meals and snacks to the computer table. We munch and work at the same time, and walk back into the kitchen for a sugary drink now and then. What happens here is that we are only stuffing to fulfill our craving desires for sugary and salty delights, with colas and lemonades to wash down with. Is there any physical activity done? The answer is NOT MUCH! Since we do not have a sense of time while sitting online and doing whatever it is that we do, we tend to forget that there are other aspects of life so real, which we have ignored completely. If you are trying to lose weight, you should be up and about- a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day can do wonders or maybe thrice a week for an hour, a visit to the gym or a yoga class too would help. You have to find time to fit them in, or else sitting in front of the computer and reading about weight loss techniques and pills, won't help! Lack of sleep The internet is also to be blamed for the lack of sleep; the paradigm shift here is apparent. The 90s saw the oncoming of the internet with home computers. Most teens then forgot the 8pm rule, where meals were eaten on time and by 9pn everyone was watching their favorite sitcom, and a while later snoozing away. Eight hours of sleep (undisturbed) per night is so important- it helps the body rejuvenate and refresh, the cells in our body repair themselves while this happens, and ultimately the fats too are done away with. But with internet now on our phones, most of us are wide awake till almost way past midnight- wee hours of the morning too. Where then would the body find its motivation to work to keep you slim? Smart gadgets, sadder lifestyles, so sedentary. Our world has got all the smart gadgets and techno-gizmos; in turn has given birth to unhealthy people who wish they were on the right track to fitness. The internet seduces us with everything around; have you seen those yummy lemon tarts (high in sugar), so easy to bake? Before you walk into the kitchen to satisfy your sugar cravings and be back online to read more about how to attain a size 2, remember, take a walk this evening for an hour, and then come back to tell us how you feel without the internet. Your life would change; so would your waistline!

7 Tips Walk Off Your Fat

Dr. Kambhampati B S Srinivas, Orthopedist
Walking is one of the commonest form of exercising in India. Although it comes naturally to all of us, it must be remembered that walking normally is not the same as walking for exercise. There are two forms of walking for exercise -  slow walking and fast walking (this includes Power walking and Race walking). Both Power and Race walking burn more calories (sometimes more than jogging) and the technique of both these forms is different from normal walking. They are great forms of cardiovascular exercise like jogging but without the wear and tear associated with it. The advantage of slow walking is that it can be done by both non-obese and morbidly obese persons with minimal risk of injuries compared to other forms of exercise. The benefits of walking include preventing and reversing chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease and losing weight. Tips for Walking Preparation:1. Preparing for a walk is important in terms of making yourself fit for this form of exercise. Avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption maximises the benefits of exercise. Having a balanced diet with fresh small frequent meals rich in iron is beneficial. Hydrate yourself well before the walk. 2. Your attire should include foot trainers with cushioned heels/ socks. Overall, the footwear should be comfortable. Clipping nails of toes short will prevent nail related problems. If required, you can smear foot with vaseline to reduce friction between the footwear and your foot.Walking technique:3.Maintaining a good posture and technique is vital. Otherwise you would predispose yourself to develop Repetitive Strain Injuries in your body due to the poor technique of walking. If you are not sure about your posture and technique, you should consult your physio/ orthopedist whether you can pursue this form of exercise. Enquire regarding the proper posture and technique and the technique suited for you. It is beyond the scope of this article to describe the details of the technique. Important tips about technique include  maximising your arm swing to aid your progress and pointing your feet forward while you progress. Other aspects of technique, only to mention a few, include the distance you put your foot forward (length of the step), the direction and line of the step, point of contact of your foot to the ground, line of progress of the foot in relation to your shoulder . Before embarking on a prolonged exercising regime, corrective steps may be required if the alignment of your limbs is not right. 4. Start slow and gradually increase the pace, duration and distance walked over a period of time. The recommended duration is 30 minutes of brisk walking for 5 days a week.  For accuracy, you could use a stopwatch/ metronome/ pedometer to time/ set pace and count steps of your walk to compare and better your performance each time. 5. Walking on a flat terrain is better and reduces chances of twisting your ankle (esp. on irregular surfaces). Long walks uphill can strain your back. Early morning walks are better, preferably in parks or gardens, for your physiology and also in getting fresh air. Avoid walking in very hot/ very cold temperatures and on rainy days to prevent injuries.6. If you have medical problems, always consult your physician if it is safe for you to do this form of exercise and the precautions to be taken during exercise.7. Walking with a partner or mobile phone is recommended especially if you have medical problems. Its advisable to carry a packet of Glucose and water to avoid hypoglycaemia (low glucose levels in blood) and dehydration. Know your limits and do not push yourself too hard especially when walking with company.

6 Reasons Why Rehab Can Actually Be Fun!

Ms. Raisa Luther, Psychotherapist
Alcohol and drug rehab might be more fun than what you imagine! It’s so weird that I went to rehab. I always said that I would die before I went to rehab. But I thought, ‘I’m going to stay here tonight.’ And I stayed there for a month. It was great. ~ Lindsay LohanGoing and staying in a residential addiction treatment facility is not something we ever wish to do. However, some of us may land up in one, either compelled by family or circumstances.It is therefore a surprise to find out that actually it may be an enjoyable experience. Here are just 6 reasons why addiction treatment in a rehab can be more fun that you ever imagined:1. YOU WILL GET TO SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND YOUIt can be really difficult for family and friends to understand us while we are drinking or using drugs – our behaviour and thinking will appear irrational and frustrating. We speak a different language, our emotions are on a level they can never fathom. Actually an addict or alcoholic gets incredibly lonely while living with ‘normal’ people. In a rehab, you will be surrounded by people who understand you. They and the staff will not judge or chide you. There is usually an amazing spirit of camaraderie and connection with others who are in a similar place in life. You are no longer lonely or an ‘outcast’ in a rehab!2. YOU WILL DISCOVER REAL ENJOYMENT WITHOUT CHEMICALSI went into rehab to save my marriage, but I wound up saving myself. ~ Michael Douglas. One of the main reasons we remain trapped in alcoholism or other forms of addiction is because of our distorted thinking. We begin to believe that use of chemicals is the only way to enjoy life. We ‘live a lie’. Your stay in a rehab will open your eyes to genuine fun and enjoyment. Even tasting food and getting natural sleep is a wonderful experience. Your new way of thinking will show you how you can have fun in life, along with a renewed sense of hope, optimism and balance.3. YOU REDISCOVER YOUR PASSION FOR LIFEOne of the reasons some of us turn to alcohol or other substances is to try and escape negative emotions. Gradually, as our addiction progresses, we tend to become numb to ALL feelings. In a rehab, there are no chemicals to numb our emotions, and we begin to experience all the emotions that are a natural part of life. We discover ourselves through our feelings and develop a new passion for life.4. YOU CAN START TO LOOK FORWARD THE FUTURESoon after you stop using alcohol or drugs, you start to realize the extent of damage you have done to your life. You have paid a huge price for the fun associated with substance abuse. Your impaired brain has not made sound decisions and your choices have been negative. Now that you are clean and sober in a rehab, you can review your life, resolve to rebuild it and look forward to a rewarding future. You no longer have to look over your shoulder in shame and fear. Now you can face the future with anticipation and hope!5. REHAB CAN BE A FUN PLACEHere at Hope Trust rehab in India, the ambience is not clinical. It’s more like a ‘home’. There are plenty of fun activities, celebrations and recreation options. Though you will have to follow a structured lifestyle, you have plenty of time for social interactions with fellow members and even some quite time in a serene location if you wish to reflect. We believe recovery should be fun!6. YOU WILL LEARN SOME USEFUL STUFFAt Hope Trust, you will learn to live meaningfully by realigning your attitudes, thinking, behaviour and value system. Moreover, there is daily Yoga facilitated by a trained teacher. Yoga is a lifelong support system for continued health and balance. You will also have the opportunity to be taught Mindfulness by a highly experienced teacher. Valuable lessons for a lifetime!

You Are What You Eat

Dr. N Srinivas, Dentist
Ultimately, beauty emanates from good health, and good health begins with proper nutrition.Be sure your diet includes a proper mix of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and lean protein, and drink plenty of water daily.What you put into your body is reflected in your skin tone, nails, hair, tooth structure ,and in your overall sense of well-being.Give your smile a healthy frame!Over eating or under eating can change the shape of your face.This in turn can alter the proportion of your tooth size to your face, thereby affecting your smile.To keep your smile looking its best, maintain a healthy weight through exercise and a balanced diet.Eating disorders are dangerous:Too many times, emotional problems are reflected in our eating habits. Psychological stress or trauma can cause people to overeat or develop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. These conditions not only wreak havoc on emotional and physical health but may also cause serious damage to your smile. For example, bulimia can cause severe dental erosion, destroying the beauty of teeth. This erosion causes loss of enamel, resulting in the exposure of dentin(the darker layer underlying the enamel).If you have an eating disorder, no amount of cosmetic dentistry or plastic surgery will correct it. Seek professional help for the underlying problem.Gaining determination and confidence can have a tremendous impact on your self-image. You can then turn your attention to your appearance and do what it takes to keep your smile looking its best.Use your smile!Many people who've had corrective dental treatment forget that their smile looks better.For example, you've spent years hiding your mouth with your hand whenever you laughed or smiled because you were embarrassed by your teeth, it will probably take conscious effort to break yourself of the habit. When you complete your cosmetic dental treatment, practice smiling in front of a mirror. Repeat this until you get used to smiling again.Then remember to smile often-it increases your face value!

9 Reasons Why a Rehab Is the Best Place to Start Your Addiction Recovery

Ms. Raisa Luther, Psychotherapist
A rehab is safe place for detox: A good rehab will have medical back up and experience to manage the withdrawal symptoms an alcoholic or addict undergoes when he or she stops taking the substance.A clear assessment: While a physical assessment is part of the withdrawal management, a psychological assessment is also important. A significant number of addicts have a co-occurring psychiatric condition and it is important to diagnose and address the issue along with addiction.Fellow support: Recovery in a group of similarly recovering fellow members give invaluable support in treatment.Professional inputs: A rehab has trained and experienced staff who can guide the recovery process in a structured and systematic manner.Family support: Some rehabs provide counselling services for the affected family members who also need to initiate a process of healing for themselves while the addict is in treatment at the rehab clinic.Family communication: To facilitate a process of rebuilding relationships with close family members, the therapist in a rehab can conduct structured communication exercises.Relapse prevention: Since addiction is highly relapse-prone, most alcohol and drug rehabs help the addict in identifying his or her unique relapse triggers and how to manage them.Follow-up: The addict needs to revisit his counselor at the rehab clinic for after care to address ongoing challenges in early recovery.Introduction to support groups: While recovery starts at the rehab centre, maintenance is important by involvement in support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The rehab centre will usually provide contact details for such groups on discharge.

Are Your Gums Keeping Your Smile From Looking Its Best?

Dr. N Srinivas, Dentist
Gums around your teeth can make or break your smile.You can have very attractive natural teeth,bonding,veneers or crowns,but if your gum tissue is red,puffy,or bleeding,then the result is an unattractive smile.Also if your gum tissue shrinks away from your beautiful restorations,leaving a black triangle where the gum used to be,you are left with an older-looking and unaesthetic smile.What is gum disease?Gum disease also called periodontal disease is caused by excessive bacteria building up in the mouth.In early stages,gum may bleed easily and appear red,tender,spongy,and slightly swollen.Eventually,the disease may lead to recession of the gums,destruction of the underlying bone,loosening of the teeth,and ultimately tooth loss.In addition,periodontal disease present a major health risk.Research has shown that it has a strong connection with heart disease,lung disease,diabetes,and other systemic illnesses.Gum disease treatment:Plaque removal accomplished through diligent home care(brushing,flossing)and regular visit to the dentist for professional cleanings,often prevents gum disease or stops it in its early stages.If gum disease is more advanced ,professional root planing and curettage may be required.Root planing is the removal of plaque and calculus from the  tooth crowns  and root surfaces.Curettage is the removal of the diseased gum tissue.These procedures combined with meticulous home care may be sufficient to control the disease,depending on its severity.In later stages of the disease,surgery is often required.The dentist surgically fits sections of gum tissue,removes plaque and calculus,and corrects bone defects.The tissue is then positioned to allow more efficient cleaning.The procedure usually requires only a local anesthetic.If surgery reveals extreme bone loss,then bone grafting or guided bone regeneration (GBR) is sometimes required.These procedures are typically performed over the course of several appointments but in some cases may be done all at once with the use of conscious sedation.Prevention is best!Regular brushing,flossing,rinsing,gum massage.keep your mouth as clean as possible. 

Smile, You Deserve It!

Dr. Diksha Tahilramani Batra, Dentist
Smile, You Deserve It!We belong to an era where we have been blessed by technology in every sphere of life to make life more effective and comfortable.Unfortunately while technology has penetrated each and every field of health and medicine, few of us know about the latest strides in technology that dentistry has to offer. The good news is that we’ve come a long way! Dentists now have the power to give you a gorgeous confident smile that can bedazzle everyone around you.Whatever it is that has affected your smile negatively, be it trauma, dental diseases or just bad hygiene or nutrition, has probably impacted the health of your tooth enamel and possibly killed your confidence and your ability to smile as well!But fret not, Smile Essentials has it all covered for you.Let’s delve into the details and discuss the various treatments so as to give you a clear idea about the process of getting the perfect smile reconstructed for you.What are Pain-free Dental Innovations?Pain-free Dental Innovations are often described as technologies used these days to treat dental health problems without the unnecessary torture that we earlier endured in the name of dentistry. Now these, innovations are useful in two great ways.First, they offer effective ways to minimize if not completely eliminate the dangers to your gums and teeth.Secondly, they aim at providing you extreme comfort whenever you undergo any type of dental treatment.Did You Know?In the past, the treatment of root canals and cavities was among the most dreaded dental procedures due to the pain and discomfort involved.Patients would often fear getting a cavity or root canal treatment as they could not tolerate the excruciating pain experienced during these dental treatments.The good news now is that all of this has changed, and you would be thrilled to know that you can reinvent your smile with pain free dental innovations.What Makes this Technology Unique?Pain-free dental technology involves the usage of a dental laser to replace the painful needles and drills that were previously used when carrying out dental surgery. This is the most effective and painless way of reinventing your smile-whether you have any cavities, gum diseases or even tooth removal. The best part about this approach is the fact that the patient also heals faster.Gum Disease Treatment-Surgery??EARLIER : Periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss in adults, and the only treatment that works for gum disease usually involves surgically treating or cleaning the gums-involving not only injections but also blades and stitches. With the advent of a variety of pain-free dental innovations, this treatment no longer required painful needles, blades or even stitches.NOW: The entire procedure can be carried out non invasively by a straight flash of laser light used to treat infections which a blade cannot access without cutting open the gum. Even painful swellings or tumors can be removed with laser surgery.Advantages to the patient are not just limited to during the procedure but even after since healing is faster, bleeding is negligible, and there is no swelling or pain which would hamper daily activities.Root Canal TherapyNOW: Root canal treatment has also become less painful with the use of multiple pain free innovations. We now use the dental laser to remove decay.EARLIER: The earlier painful needles have been replaced by a sophisticated rotary technology.  These equipments are not only pain-relieving but also enable the entire procedure to be executed within a stipulated time frame which would otherwise take multiple painful sessions.Comprehensive & Specialized Digital DiagnosisEARLIER: the experience used to be multiple examinations at multiple centres before you can finally get a complete diagnosis of your dental problems.NOW: At smile essentials when we say we promise to change the way you think of dentistry we not only provide you with every single aspect of diagnosis under one roof be it-Individual Digital x-rays, full mouth scans of your mouth jaws and joints, detailed intraoral pictures and even blood tests all under one roof.We also schedule allied consults for an entire assessment on your face makeover, be it skin care or eye care.Now that you’ve read all of the above, there is no reason to keep finding new excuses to call off your appointment with the dentist, instead make one quickly and get your smile reinvented with the experts at Smile Essentials.

For Your Lips Only! 5 Surprising Ways to Exfoliate for Luscious Lips

Dr. Rashmi Joshi, Dermatologist
Have the gal pals around poked fun at you? Shy of smiling or talking to people, and do you hide your lips because of the dark patches, spots, and dead flaky skin or simply because no matter how much of lip balm and gloss you use, they just don't match up with the divas lips you notice- YOU AREN'T ALONE!Blame it on lifestyle changes, sleeping habits, eating habits, lack of exercise or even on unhealthy ways, such as smoking and consuming alcohol, having a cup more of coffee et al, our lips are a pair that suffers the most on our face. Caring for them is a must, since they are one of the first facial features noticed, no matter what the occasion or where we go.5 remedies to resurrecting those dead lipsYes, you read that right and today we would like to share with you five easy homemade remedies for those lips to turn lucky! Read on girls (boys too), and flaunt those lovely lips the world wants to see- with pride!Honey and lime scrubThe best part about using a teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of lemon concentrate is that, honey packed with its moisturising effect keeps the lips soft and supple, and maintains the oil balance too. On the other hand, lemon loaded with vitamin C nourishes the skin on the lips and gently balances the pH levels of the lips as well. Combine the two and apply as a balm for a moistening effect. Do this thrice a week and watch the difference a week later!Sugar and limeBrown sugar granules (a teaspoon) when mixed with two tablespoons of lime concentrate can help nourish the skin on the lips, also helps with the removal of dead skin cells too. When dead skin cells are removed, one would have newer cells on the forefront, which would make the lips softer and glossier to look, touch and feel. The vitamins in the lemon found, help with nourishing the lips and providing a perfect pH balance too. Exfoliation and nourishment at its best- a spa for the lips with this combination!Strawberry and limeThe goodness of strawberries cannot be underestimated, and with the help of lemon concentrate, a perfect mix of antioxidants and vitamins helps rejuvenate, refresh and exfoliate the lip skin to finesse. What you need to do is to apply the paste of two or three strawberries (raw) to the lime concentrate (two tablespoons). Mix well and apply on the skin, wash off in ten minutes. Do this twice a week and watch results in 10 days!Butter and oatmealTake a tablespoon of white butter (unsalted) to which half a tablespoon of fine coarse oatmeal has been added. Mix the two into a paste and apply on the lips; keeping it on for ten minutes. The fiber in oatmeal helps with exfoliation while the butter helps restore the oil balance and restores life into the skin cells. Do this twice a week before meals or the morning teeth brushing ritual!Chocolate and almondsTry not eating this one, and resist the temptation to do so! Melt a tablespoon of bitter chocolate and a few almond pieces (powdered); mix the two into a paste and apply on your lips. Gently with the fingers, massage the lips and wash it off with cold water thereafter. Do this thrice a week and watch the results in a month.We hope you now know how to look into your kitchen for lip exfoliation answers, and possibly not eat them up too. Grandma's ways are the best ways; so au naturale and safe for the skin- goodbye conventional lip scrubs and balms!