Thyroid disorders are very common nowadays due to many reasons including sedentary lifestyle. Improper food and lifestyle leads to metabolic dysfunction and intern lead to metabolic diseases like Diabetes, Obesity and Hormonal problems like thyroid diseases, PCOD etc. In Ayurveda we have best management for Thyroid diseases like Hypo and Hyperthyroid.

Ayurveda has a permanent solution for such metabolic disorders with natural and safe medications. We analyse the disease according to Ayurvedic Principles and target the root cause (metabolic problem) and rectify it with our Ayurvedic medicines. We are observing very good response in all cases and getting permanent solution in most of the cases.

Hereby we are showing  some case details, with TSH reports before and after treatment instead of theoretical explanations, which cannot be understood by a common man.

Case No 1:

26 yr female patient was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and took Ayurvedic treatment for 3 weeks and got cured with the problem.

 The reports of the patient before and after the treatment are attached.

Before starting treatment TSH - 6.68 mcIU/ml.
after 21 days of treatment TSH - 3.35 mcIU/ml.

Case No 2:

40 yr female patient diagnosed as hypothyroidism and had classical symptoms of it. She took treatment with us and got complete relief in 2 months. The reports are attached

Before treatment TSH - 6.64mcIU/ml
After 2 months of treatment TSH - 3.45 mcIU/ml.

We have many such cases documented but as a sample shown only two case reports. 

Finally we can conclude that,

  •  With Ayurvedic Treatments  we can cure thyroid disorders permanently. 
  • Based on observations, treatment  period required is directly proportional to severity and chronicity  of the disease. (On an average we are getting cure in new cases with in 2 to 4 months and more than 6 to 8 months in chronic cases).

    Note: The reports shared above do not disclose names and any personal details of the patients. Patient privacy is of prime importance for the author (practitioner) and for Practo. The reports have been shared for informational purposes only.