Stuffy nose is the most common problem we face during this weather. Very tough to handle. Medicines only suppress the problem so that you can get frequent cold attacks after that. So be sure that you are helping and supporting your body to eliminate the organisms completely from your body.

So what can we do for this stuffy nose?

1. Steam inhalation:

As we all know steam inhalation will help to eliminate the phlegm and also helps to get relieve from sinusitis. Steam inhalation can be taken as such or by adding some eucalyptus oil in hot water. It works best when the water is boiled with some cinnamon.

2. Turmeric Inhalation:

Take a whole turmeric (dried one) and burn it in fire. When it starts smoking, take it out of fire & inhale the smoke deeply. You will feel slight burning sensation inside your nostril. Don't worry it will get resolved by itself.

3. Pepper Inhalation:
Prick a pepper in a long needle or a pin, burn it in fire. When it start smoking, inhale the smoke deeply. It will produce cough for sometime and get resolved on its own.

4. Cinnamon Tea:

Cinnamon tea is too good for relieving cold and sinusitis. Can be taken 2-3 times a day 

5. Ajwain/Oregano - Cumin seeds decoction:

Ajwain/oreganao & cumin seed decoction will help to reduce your cold and improve digestion.

6. Jala- neti:

Jala neti is a cleansing procedure for nasal passage in yoga. It helps to eliminate the phlegm from you stuffy nose. Most effective treatment for stuffy nose & sinusitis. Should be strictly practised under a well trained Yoga doctor or yoga therapist qualified from a university like Svyasa, Bangalore, Bihar school of yoga etc.