Q1. Does lemon, honey and warm water taken on an empty stomach induce weight loss?   

Ans: This combination is very lethal for bone health. The weight loss that is seen on the weighing machine after consuming this combination is not fat loss but calcium loss from the bones. Prolonged use of this combination is associated with multiple fractures. A local study conducted at our clinic showed that there was a high prevalence of knee joint pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone-related problems in people consuming this combination. The cessation of this showed a positive relation in improving their bone-related symptoms.

Q2. I take apple cider + vinegar early morning for weight loss, is it healthy?

Ans: Since this combination is acidic in nature it is not recommended for anybody with digestion problem or acidity. I have not seen any positive relationship between this combination and weight loss although few people have reported increased hair loss induced by this combination.

Q3.  Watermelon is known to have a high glycemic index, I am a sugar patient so should I avoid it?

Ans: Watermelon has a high glycemic index but low glycemic load which means the amount of carbohydrate per 100gms of watermelon is low. Thus, it is safe for a diabetic or weight loss aspirants to consume watermelon in the cut form. Slush or juice although is prohibited.