Human body is marvellous in its ability to survive. It has an innate intelligence that protects it all the time by keeping harm away from vital areas. It strives to maintain LIFE intact.

Such a wonderful human body is deemed helpless when the oppressive force (read disease) is too huge to surmount. That is when 'treatment' aids it in recovering the strength and abating the disease. We need to respect this ability of the body to heal itself, if we are to empower it rather than treat it like a cripple.

Talking of crippling, gangrene especially that resulting from diabetes is a major cause for loss of limb and life in the present day. The solution offered usually is surgical amputation of the affected part.

In diabetes mellitus, many organ systems are affected, arteries and nerves included. So person may get injured easily. The problem is the injured area does not heal easily as the blood is rich in glucose and this promotes bacterial growth. The result is fast spread of infection up the limb and the part dies. So, the obvious solution seems to be containment of the infection by separating the dead part.

In another state, there are narrowed arteries - as metabolic syndrome is on the rise - coupled with high blood sugar leading to absence of blood circulation to a part. This induces death of this part. Even in these cases it seems logical to separate the part that is not going to re establish itself and will eventually cause harm to the body.
But think for a moment - if we are able to support the immune system in its effort to overcome the infection and open up COLLATERAL CIRCULATION, can't we save that limb? Yes we can. With classical homeopathy, countless limbs have been already saved. 

You may see the videos for yourselves CAUTION GRAPHIC CONTENT

Indian Journal for Research in Homeopathy published an article on the same subject projecting the usefulness of homeopathy in saving limbs in gangrene cases.  This article aims at showing you that classical homeopathy when applied right is a solution to most of today's health care needs sometimes even those which are apparently without solution. All you have to do is ask.