A research and clinic experience of many marriage counsellors indicates that a marriage has a better chance of success if the following conditions are met:

  • Both individuals are independent and mature: For a successful marriage, independent and mature partners are likely to acquire self-knowledge and self-confidence which is necessary for an intimate relationship.
  • Both individuals love not only each other but themselves: It is difficult to truly love another person without loving oneself.
  • Both individuals enjoy being alone as well as together: Too much togetherness can lead to negative behaviours like attempting to control the partner and lack of appreciation.
  • Both individuals are established in their work or occupation: If a person has a stable and satisfied occupation, they are able to devote more time n energy to their relationships.
  • Both individuals know themselves: Couple must be able to objectively evaluate their personal strengths and weakness and not blame their problems on each other. They must also know what they want from another person and also what they can give to a partner.
  • Both Individuals can express themselves assertively: People who are not assertive in their communication often adopt a passive/aggressive approach. As per marriage counsellors, the more clearly partners can ask for what they want from each other, the better the chances that the partner will comply.
  • Both Individuals are lovers as well as friends: Marriage Counsellors says that non-possessive caring encourages the partner to grow and to reach his or her potential.