-Turn off the source of electricity or move away the source using wood, card board or plastic board.

-If burn injury is present, remove the clothing and rinse burnt area under cool running water for 10 minutes.

-Make the affected person lie down and elevate his legs.

-Do NOT throw water on the person or on the source of current.-Cover the person with a light blanket.

-Call for ambulance immediately.


-Stay calm and composed.

-Clear the surrounding area around the person.

– Make a cushion below his/her head with something soft like blankets, jacket, sweater etc.

-Note the time convulsion started.

-Do NOT try to place anything in his/her mouth.

-Do NOT try to restrict his/her movements or keep his/her jaws open.

-Call for ambulance immediately or visit the doctor.


-Sit upright and tilt your head FORWARD to allow drainage.

-Pinch nose bridge firmly using thumb and index finger till bleeding stops.

-Breath through your mouth.

-Do NOT put anything inside the nose.

-Loosen any tight clothing around the neck.

-Place ice pack on forehead or around neck.

-Check if bleeding has stopped after 10 minutes.

-If bleeding persists, visit doctor immediately.


-Do NOT rub the affected eye/eyes.

-Wash hands thoroughly before touching the eyes.

-If there is a suspected contact with chemical or foreign body, wash eyes with cold water for about 5-10 minutes.

-If its a blow to the eye, apply ice pack and visit the doctor.

-If eye looks red, there is pain, blurring of vision, visit a doctor.

HIGH GRADE FEVER (above 102 degree F)-

-Monitor the temperature with thermometer.

-Make the person rest in a comfortable cool temperature under a fan or an air conditioner.-If the person has chills, cover him/her with light clothing. 

-Give 500 mg paracetamol every 6 hourly round the clock.

-Give the person sponge bath with lukewarm water.

-Make him/her drink plenty of water or cool drinks.

-If fever does not subside in 24 hours, visit a doctor.

-If the temperature is over 106oF, call for an ambulance or rush the person to hospital.


Make the person sit/lie in a comfortable position.

-Call for an ambulance or rush the person to hospital.If the person is unconscious

-Make the person lie on his/her left side (recovery position) with head and shoulders supported.

-Loosen any tight clothing around his/her neck and calm the patient.

-Try to maintain breathing, if needed with open mouth.

-Do NOT make the person eat or drink anything.

-Call for an ambulance or rush the person to hospital immediately.


-Calm down the person and do not leave him/her alone.

-Make the patient rest in a comfortable upright position.

-Loosen any tight clothing around chest, neck area.

-Get into well ventilated, open area.

-If inhaler is handy, give 4 puffs of inhaler, at intervals of 1 minute.

-If the person does not feel better, give another set of 4 puffs.

-If the person is not relieved and feels dizzy, call ambulance immediately.