We often hear people say that they are allergic to one thing or another. So what is this 'being allergic' really mean? It basically means a signal that your body sends out to your brain saying that it does not like a particular thing. On a casual note the thing in question could be a color, a particular kind of music, a person, a voice but on a serious note, it could be a fume, a smell, an odour, a pet or its dander, any matter in the environment around us like dust, pollen. 

The instant response of the body is to reject this irritant by sending out some 'protest' signals from the brain. For example an instant response to a smell could be itchiness in the throat or a fume that irritates your system could make your eyes water and so on. 

There are innumerable kinds of matter all around us and our body could be allergic to any of it. Finding the allergen that affects you the worst is like looking for a needle in a haystack. A mild exposure to that deadly allergen triggers a violent response in your system. Your eyes start watering or you start coughing incessantly or you have itching on your body or worst of all you get a bout of breathlessness. It’s not really the fault of the matter or the so called ‘allergen’ here, rather it’s your body’s immune system that identifies that innocent piece of matter as an enemy and goes into a hyper-sensitive protective mode.

So what do you do? 

Medically speaking there are two ways to tackle the issue. One, suppress your immune system by taking medication. Anti-allergens will suppress the hyper-sensitivity of your system. Chances are your body symptoms will immediately subside. But can you be sure for how long?

In case, you’re allergic to the polluted air, the next time you step out into the open and breathe in that air, your body will respond again and you start wheezing. Again you take some anti-allergic medicine and all is well! But again for how long?

This process continues and one day you realize that your anti-allergic medication is now your permanent accomplice. You in fact graduate to higher medications, inhalers and even steroids. Now, there is another way to deal with this issue. You acknowledge that your body has an ‘allergic tendency’ and that you need to help your body to face it.
The first step towards facing the issue is by not suppressing the allergy. Because suppression will only make this allergy change tracks, it won’t leave your body. The only way to get rid of the allergy is by increasing your body’s capacity to fight it. Body capacity here refers to immunity. Enhancing immunity is the only real therapy to get rid of allergies.

Natural medicines like Ayurveda and even Homeopathy broadly work on this principle. No wonder there is a slight element of aggravation in your condition before you actually start getting some relief. The aggravation is an indication that the allergen has been induced and now the body will prepare to fight it.

Our body has vast reserves of self-healing and self-repair mechanisms that lie untapped, because we don’t have the time to go deeper beyond the symptomatic effect of our disease on our body. If you dig deeper, the body’s immune system can work wonders for you. It will guard your body against diseases like a loyal soldier if you decide not to suppress it by insane and reckless medication.

Nature has given us a miraculous substance like salt to enhance your immune system so that your body becomes strong enough to resist the allergy rather than going into a defensive mode. 

Salt therapy can help you fight allergies the natural way without medications and no harmful side effects!