As we get increased requests from obese patients for Total Knee Replacements (TKR), it’s important to know the following figures: 

There is some interesting data emerging globally on this topic as we face an explosion in Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery numbers in younger patients. AND also probably a tsunami of Revision TKR’s.

Fact 1: Younger patients <60 yrs have a much higher Revision Rate after TKR.

Fact 2: If your BMI (body mass index) is over 30: you have a progressively higher risk of a TKR than someone with a BMI under 30. When your BMI hits 40: you are thirty (30) times MORE LIKELY to need a Joint Replacement due to your weight alone (US Medicare data).

Fact 3: After your TKR, if your BMI remains over 35; you are two (2) times MORE LIKELY to need a Revision TKR due to loosening of the tibial component (recent published data).

Fact 4 many knee replacement surgeries are refused by surgeons if BMI is more than 39, for the higher complication rates ( infection -six times and early loosening )

Message- Lose weight before / bariatric surgery is an option  and after TKR & have your op done by surgeons who have the experience & the recent improved technology to reduce these very serious risks.

Also educate the obese high bmi patient about risks.