‪Today got a chance to operate a young rajpoot patient having ‪#‎otalgia‬,ear discharge&debris in rt ear,refractory to all sort of ‪#‎ENT‬ treatment with history of ‪#‎currettage‬ of ear canal.‪#‎PTA‬ showed absolute normal thresholds.luckily i took enaural incision.flakes n debris eroding ‪#‎EAC‬ were cleared n then cavity was saucerized. Ant ‪#‎overhang‬ dealt with drillling.‪#‎MiddleEar‬ & ‪#‎TM‬ were normal. skin of canal &lining of cavity preserved.defect leading to clean antrum was closed with tragal cartilage piece with perichondrium.
‪#‎External‬ auditory canal (EAC) cholesteatoma (EACC) is a rare entity occur ‪#‎lateral‬ to the tympanic membrane;they may also represent cases of keratosis obturans,which has similar characteristics.‪#‎there‬ are still no reliable consistent symptoms or clinical signs that can differentiate between the two conditions; however, the most useful finding confirming an EECC is focal osteonecrosis or sequestration of bone lacking an ‪#‎epithelial‬ covering;Symptoms like ‪#‎otorrhea‬ and pain are often reported, but many cases can be remarkably ‪#‎insidious‬ silent or even asymptomatic,concealing serious destruction with few or no symptoms.Most cases are spontaneous or occur after surgery or trauma to the auditory canal,though pre-existing ear-canal,stenosis or obstruction has also been reported to produce EECC.
It's really satisfying that I got to do such rare cases,though on few occassions only in #26 yrs of active surgical practice.good day indeed !!!!