To start with, exercise should be done sitting and the feet must rest on the floor or stool. Exercises should be done at least 4 times a day.

  • Mobilization Exercise: To be done only once a day and once only.

  1. Head bending forwards.
  2. Head bending backwards.
  3. Head bending to the left side trying to touch left shoulder.
  4. Head bending to the right side trying to touch right shoulder.
  5. Head turning to look towards left side.
  6. Head turning to look towards right side.
    Progression of the exercises: (5 times , increase to 7-10 times).
  • With ½ kg.weight in each arm:
  1. Arms lift forwards and up and down.
  2. Arms lift sideways and up and down.
  3. Arms lift forwards, part and together.

  • Instructions:

  1. Do not look down to read (or do any other work).Try and bring reading material to the eye level.
  2. All the movements can be performed with practice, by using trunk movements.
  3. Use a thin pillow supporting the head and neck, pillow line. Upto the shoulders only.
  4. While lying on sides, head should be in neutral position . Use one pillow and your hand, to adjust the head, or in addition, one small pillow to adjust the head.