I have been working online & Helping young girls & women who do not want to visit a doctor,specially women doctors,fearing social stigma & judgemental people ready to implant stories during gossipy sessions in kitty parties.

Health of a woman during her reproductive years is not a kitty party.

Since Emergency Medicines to prevent Unwanted Pregnancy are available Over The counter by friendly neighbourhood chemist, women & Girls are taking them for Routine Contraception.

Emergency medicines are loaded with Hormones which are secreted by the body anyways.

Giving her loads of Hormones is like creating a flood like situation & tiny fetus fertilized & implanted inside the Uterus Does Not Get a Chance to Develop.

No Pregnancy & Lots of Physical & Psychological Side Effects.

Doctors including me are chatting up with patients,specially young girls.

Anonymity Ensures Privacy.

And I Feel Sorry For The Side Effects Of Hormones & Promiscuous Lifestyles.

Women stepping out of their secure homes to study/work should not entitle them to take liberties due to Peer Pressures.

We As Doctors Can Request The Government To Ban Sale Of Emergency Pills Used to Prevent Genuine Emergency Like RAPE.

Every girl/woman who has taken Emergency Pill is Insecure about being pregnant despite taking the medicine within 48 hours.


Because bleeding is Scanty.

Because Bleeding has 'Clots'

Because Bleeding is Delayed.

Because Bleeding is Heavy.

Because There Are Cramps & Nausea/Vomiting!!

Doctors Like Me Are Chatting with Patients !!

I Am Not Tired of Explaining to young girls [Unmarried??}

I have to teach them about harmful side-effects

Delayed periods, Erratic Periods, Heavy Periods, Spotting & Maybe INFERTILITY when the young lady wants to become a mother.

She May Have to visit Innumerable clinics for correction of Hormonal Imbalances.

Are These Girls Not Falling Into Traps & Going Round in Circles?

Pity them because There is Lack of Guidance.

Till the time rules about Sale Of Emergency Pills to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy are AMENDED, Let Us Take a Pledge to Teach the Patients ( By The Way, Girls Do Not Buy These Medicines, Their Menfolk Do It For Them)

Educate The Connected Boys about Ill-Effects of Extra Hormones Given to Normal Women.

Tell The Boys to spread the word among their peers , if Boys Care For Reproductive Health Of the Woman,they Care For.

These Medicines are like Steroids & Take time to get out of the system.

These Affected Girls Do Not Need More Hormones to Make Their Periods Regular.

Being fat soluble,it takes time to get metabolized.

Let The Affected Girls Eat Healthy & Exercise according to their Capacity.

We Can Convey the Message of Morality without resorting to Moral Policing.

And It Is Worth The Efforts Put in through Chatting with young women.