Want a strong game? Want to play at your best potential? Want to never get injured? Then you should include some must-do exercises as a part of your training!

   Since the start of T20s and one-day cricket matches, this game of cricket has become really fast. Wherein the batsman cannot just continue to defend the balls in order to stay on field. He needs to go for bigger and better hits to achieve the win.

   Also, highly developed levels of fielding in the modern times require strong shoulders, arms, and most importantly THE BACK!!

   Adding strength training in the program will have the proven benefits of preventing injury, improving running speed and bowling speed, improve swings to hit the ball and reduce the fatigue effect.

   To survive in cricket for long, the player must have a strong fit body and so, strength training plays a very important part of the fitness program.

  Strength training should be in the form of functional training that uses compound movements, i.e. a combination instead of just one muscle at a time.

  Progressing the exercise is a vital factor as, using the same weights for everyday workouts for a long time will make no use. Gradually add weight to the bar while maintaining proper form is the key to progressing with strength training.

   Do the following exercises daily for the much desired effect of improved performance and less injuries.

1. Jump squats: These are too good for a flying catch. The lower body chain gets activated with the core to provide balance and stability. It helps generate power and trains your heart as well.

2. Lunge with torso twist: This will help the cricketer to hit bigger shots. It strengthens the glutes and legs and improves the flexibility of the hips. Adding twists engages your core, abs,and obliques at the same time.

3. Deadlifts: Strengthens hamstrings, glutes and back muscles. Also, quadriceps, abs and shoulders.

4. Push-ups: Excellent strengthening of the upper body along with abs and core.

5. Pull ups: If you want to hit big shots do this one. It strengthens your upper body and core.

6. Alternate arm superman: It strengthens your lower back, improves posture and stability, activates core with the arm raise as required while bowling. Also, is good for superb coordination.

7. Rotator Cuff: Strengthening of shoulder plays the most important role for all cricketers especially the bowlers. Strong shoulders will give you better force production.

8. Squats: Standing and running around for hours together requires a super strong core with strong legs.

 Do not forget to do a good dynamic warm up and cool down with static stretches to maintain good muscle health and prevent injuries!