Are you suffering from any breathing difficulties or respiratory problems? According to French researchers, carrying excess weight around your belly may lead to a long list of respiratory and breathing problems. In fact, it was found in a study that people with belly fat had higher traces of respiratory diseases and problems.

Belly fat is the fat which pads our internal organs from shock, and is found underneath the abdominal wall. Excess belly fat may affect breathing by pushing on the diaphragm and chest wall, making it harder for the lungs to fill with air. The weight of the fat on the chest wall decreases the amount of room for air in the lungs. It also pushes up on the diaphragm, restricting its movement, particularly when bending over or lying down.

Being overweight puts a burden on your entire body. More oxygen must be moved around for the excess tissues; which causes the heart to work harder and places a greater burden on the cardiovascular system. It becomes more difficult to breathe when someone is overweight. Dr. Edelman says diseases like asthma tend to be more severe in individuals with higher fat levels. Other respiratory diseases are also found to be more severe in overweight individuals.

The American Heart Association considers a waist circumference of more than 35 inches for women or 40 inches for men to be abnormal. For people of Asian descent, waist circumference should be less than 31 inches for women and less than 37 inches for men.

Being overweight is not good for health. You can overcome a lot of health issues by simply losing excess fat on your body. Losing weight is possible by following healthy eating habits coupled with regular exercise. A good nutritious diet and regular exercise go hand-in-hand.

So, if you are carrying excessive fat around your belly, then start taking steps towards getting rid of it. Not just respiratory problems, but excess fat is the cause of many life threatening diseases. Not only will you look good and feel better, low fat levels will even help you increase your longevity. All it takes is a regular exercise routine and a nutritious, balanced diet.