Doctors are not just medical practitioner but they are good teachers as well as the treatment process involves a lot of question & answer sessions; where the doctor comes across unending queries the patients have.

The queries and questions often steps up the ladder when it comes to fertility related issues. Couples seeking infertility treatment are the most stressed out and anxious people who want to know what actually is wrong with them that has prevented them from enjoying parenthood. Hence, they have plenty of questions for the doctor; some of the most common questions are “Why cannot I become pregnant?”, “Why I have low sperm count?” I am sure almost every doctor tries to have these queries answered but in some cases the patients might feel that he is not getting the answer he is actually looking for. This is the time the patient tends to get skeptical and suspect the doctor of concealing information. What you need to understand is that you can get good answers only if you ask good questions.

Everybody have an access to internet and the couples aspiring infertility treatments are vivid readers of infertility related articles online. This is something that is good, because in this way you can come to know a lot about infertility related. You can also have ideas about the infertility treatment procedures you might need to undergo. It good to do some homework and come up with questions which highlight your problem. So, instead of asking, “Why my sperm count is low?” ask, “What is the solution?” “How can I get my wife pregnant?” or instead of asking “Why can’t I get pregnant?” ask “What can I do to get pregnant or have a child?”

These questions will help you get more comprehensive answers from your doctor because knowing the reason behind your problem is not what you are aiming at; it is the solution that you need to find. So, knowing why is your sperm count low or why are you not able to conceive cannot do you any good. You need to know what exactly can be done to have a baby.