The epidemic Dengue, Chikungunya is creating fear in our mind. It's very important to understand that SELF MEDICATION can invite more problems if not paid attention.Everyone knows that Homoeopathy is safe and does not produce any side effects on the body but this does not mean that everybody can take the same medicine.

Nowadays social media is flooded with Homeopathic Medicines for Dengue and Chikungunya. There is no second thought that Homoeopathy brings down high fevers and body pains.A homoeopath studies each and every patient and his symptoms in detail, after which they prescribe medicine.I request the readers do not treat Homeopathic medicine as a self-read science. There is a lot more beyond that. From your mental to physicals.From your thirst to your sleep.Every detail is important. Do not self-medicate with XYZ Homeopathic Medicines to prevent yourself or your family from any disease. Consult a good registered Homeopathic Physician in your locality and take medicines. A lot of research is going on Homeopathic medicines. You may refer the website of the central council of research in homoeopathy where you will find the studies being conducted.

  • Just take care that you do not let yourself or your children exposed to green areas after 6:30pm and early morning till Sunrise. 
  • Wear Full sleeves soft fabric, easy to breath clothes. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water.
  • Nothing can replace water. Juices, aerated drinks, tea, coffee  cannot replace water. 
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Eat fresh fruits and salads. Avoid eating out at open vendors.
  • Keep yourself hygienic in all situations.
  • Avoid defecation in open areas.Guide your maids and staff working for you. Educate them about the need of cleanliness.

Consult a registered homoeopath if you observe rashes, high-grade fever, severe body pain or any other symptom.