Look at the picture above. Proud parents of only sons. Are daughters welcome anywhere in the world ?

Maybe yes but only at places where the elected government takes responsibility of the Juniors & Seniors.

There is No Dowry.

Inheritance rights are equal for Daughters.We are bursting at seams.

Son In law along with married daughters do care for seniors.

Daughters are not a burden or supposed to be belonging to their marital homes while sucking the parental homes all through their lives be it a birth or Funeral at her Marital Home.


 We were 60 Cr during Emergency Days-1975-early 1977. 

We were 100 Cr around 1999 & we are 130 Cr as of today.

Blame it on technology. 

Ultrasound Machines have made it to the remotest areas of BIMARU states ( UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, MP, Haryana and Punjab to name a few ) and Poor women who cannot afford selective abortions are manufacturing girls till they get equal numbers of sons.

Others ruin their health by undergoing innumerable abortions hoping to bear a desired son.

At some places even boys are eliminated because the doctors declare every fetus as female to earn 'more' by doing abortions.

The damn health of women and her daughters who are bound to be neglected.

Basic Resources like Oxygen are limited in government hospitals. 

Do Not Blame the government hospitals for 'Lack of Oxygen 'Deaths.

How to cope up with the rising numbers with limited life-saving resources?

We as doctors feel Sorry for little girls who are raped/abused/killed.

A basic unit of life is Cell ( equate it with family )

1) Does family take responsibility for the Neglected Girl Child??

We hope that girls develop inherent instincts of Survival and Fighting for their rights under the Sun to breathe the same amount of oxygen like boys & to get treated if need be.

2) After a responsible and caring family is the role of Society and School.( equate it with organs of the body).

How many times people care to intervene when girls of the colony are teased/ogled at/taunted about their non-existent father/about assets to be inherited by daughters only.

May nobody come across the greedy mafia-like people who have a one track mind that girls and women cannot inherit anything as they are 'The Paraya Dhan' Belonging to their Marital homes only.

After marriage daughters can visit their relatives but Single women/widows/spinsters are not Welcome within the Parental homes, where they might have brought along Laurels!

Society is after assets of girls, because the parents and brothers, along with their good women do not care or create conditions that married daughters get nothing as 'Inheritance' &because they happen to be the 'Owners'Girls by chance, they are Killed/Maimed because they happen to inherit a Piece of Land.

Do we as people have a right to blame the Government, Judiciary, Police or people of our colonies for not taking care of daughters of India, when we are adept at and got used to neglecting Daughters of India?

Solutions for Society-

Girls do not want Equality.

Girls yearn for the affection of male members, her father, brother along with Maternal Instincts of her own Mothers.

Help them live.

Solutions through the doctors-

As doctors, we can feel Happy & Proud about the Achievers as Women.

We cannot Sermonize.

Will anyone accept being lectured about merits of a 'Healthy' Baby irrespective of gender?

Family Planning is a dreaded word after Emergency which was imposed upon us.

As doctors, we can be gentle, counsel women and give them a choice and points to ponder over.

Who knows that out of 100 women, who are counselled by doctors, maybe few agree with our point of views.

The Mantra-

Save the Girl Child through Education is Not Just a Slogan.