No, i am not talking of disappointment from the inability to lose weight BUT disappointment being one of the reasons that one wont lose weight or become healthier. One of the first things i did while i was at the "lets get me back to health" project was that i analysed my own mind and emotions to see if there was something unhealthy there that was reflecting in my general health. [of course this was easier for me as this is my profession after all, but you can do it too its not all that difficult]. the answer i got was that i definitely was disappointed with everything that was happening. especially, i was disappointed with the fact that 'no matter what i do i do not lose weight'. this was ingrained in me from years of being overweight, being called 'moti' by everyone and people telling me that i was that way and looked good in it. above all, this disappointment was a part of me because i had attempted a thousand things and hadn't lost weight. i had accepted that as a fact nothing changes in life when one is inert. and my own inertia had led me into this cycle of disappointment - bad health - disappointment. i realized this now. i came to finally accept that unless i take the necessary steps, and keep going in the required direction, i am not getting anywhere. i now thought "if i have taken 8 years to become as unhealthy as i am today, how can i expect my body to snap back with a month's worth of effort?" true right? our body resists the wrong living for so long and then somethings are allowed to derange so it can continue existing in the new equilibrium; it should very well be allowed at least some time before it can begin to change back. i know this from all the patients that i have seen with this attitude. they want quick results [which i totally understand]. they want a magic pill, they want something new and wonderful that will do the job of changing their life all at once.

i was expecting something like this too. the magic pill, turned out be my own acceptance that there is no shortcut. i cannot afford to get all disappointed and self pitying and lose it all. you know when we are disappointed about our body, we actually use that as a defense to go on injuring it further. we say 'what more damage can be done? it is not good anyway ' this is the worst sort of mindset if you really want to be healthy and beautiful [at all levels].. we need to start respecting and loving our body, as it is, first and foremost.we need to appreciate every small change that is happening. believe me, because one of the first positive signs may be that you are just eating and sleeping better or that your bowels are moving better. your college jeans are not going to fit you in a week or your thyroid report may not become normal in one month. but these little changes that your body is making need to be appreciated so that you will get there some day. there is another thing that you need to be careful about while working at your tendency to get disappointed. stay away from checking out your tummy, love handles etc in the mirror and telling yourself or a friend that "all is fine except this tummy.." you are in fact insulting your body and this contributes to your total disappointment. do not allow negativity about your body in your thought or deed. when somebody says 'you look gorgeous' just smile and accept the compliment from within. it is true :)

Dr SeemaMahesh