Dengue is an infectious mosquito-borne viral infection caused by any of the four dengue viruses. Common symptoms of dengue are:

  1. A severe headache
  2. Pain behind the eyes
  3. Muscle and joint pain rash
  4. Some people may also experience nausea
  5. Vomiting and gum bleeding

The symptoms usually take four to six days to appear after infection and may last up to a week or more. However, it is not transmitted directly from person-to-person.

Best Foods to Recover from Dengue Fever:

  1. Liquids - drink lots of water, coconut water, juices, lemon juice, and vegetable soups
  2. Green Vegetables
  3. Papaya Leaves
  4. Giloy Juice 
  5. High protein foods - eggs, pulses, soya, paneer, and milk

Tip: Avoid spicy and junk food

Be healthy and fit!