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6 Amazing Diet Tips to Lose Weight Easily

Dr. Pallavi Jassal
Losing weight fast and keeping it off is no easy task, which is why I’ve compiled top diet tips for losing those extra few kilos.Kick start your day with BreakfastBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because breakfast enhances your energy level to utilize throughout the day. It also helps to boost your metabolism which improves your concentration and focus. Skipping breakfast is surely a formula for sabotaging your effort to stay fit & healthy.Fill Up On Hot FoodsAll need some appetite control, on many special occasions. Going with an empty stomach to a restaurant with fabulous food is guaranteed to lead to overeating….though you feel guilty thereafter. When extreme hunger hits, try having hot foods and beverages and are more satisfying than cold foods or drinks. Soup can be a very good choice. Plates can be loaded with salads for more filling and certainly have an added health perk of fiber and satisfaction.What to Eat?Try to maintain a food diary. Note down your food intake, what time to eat, what amount you eat over a day is certainly a formula for tracking your intake and ascertain your calorie intake. Losing weight requires consistency and you need to be more sticky with your diet plan.Can I eat dessert & still lose weight?Yes, you can eat dessert and still lose weight only when you make one small fruit such as apple or orange as your preferred dessert or you make your own dessert at home instead of buying from the supermarket which typically has too much sugar along with chemicals. When you make your own dessert in your kitchen, you can choose the healthier oil with less sugar and an own healthy addition of nuts.“Combinations of sugar, white flour, butter and trans fat are diabetes on a plate. So if you’re eating dessert most nights, you’re asking for trouble.”– Dr. Walter Willett (Nutrition Department of Harvard School of Public Health)Cook Your Foods at KitchenIt’s much difficult to manage well-balanced diet plan nowadays. But if you prepare yourself, you have own delicious food and it makes your life easier. Thus, you’ll not save your valuable time, even your pocket will also thumb up to you. Whether you’re buying food from market, restaurant & grocery stores, cook your meal with your own styles with healthier stuff. In that way, you’ll enjoy wholesome breakfast, lunch & dinner during the week as well.Moving ExerciseAfter discussion on foods, most important factor is exercise.  Brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and light weight training is good for burning calories and to make the muscle stronger with weight loss.

Drink Water to Control Appetite

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
The code has finally been cracked. A natural appetite depressant has been found that can be included in daily diet without any prescription, has no side effects and does not shake your daily budget.Scientists confirm that drinking 500 ml of this magic potion before meals can help you achieve your weight loss goals much faster. The common name of this revolutionary liquid is “water”.According to the study, dieters who drank 2 cups of water before meals three times per day, lost about 2.5 kgs more than the dieters who did not increase their water intake.So what’s the water effect? It is believed that drinking water before meals fills up the stomach with zero calories. As a result, one tends to consume less food in the following meal and the total calorie intake is reduced. It also helps in portion control and hence is helpful in weight management. Replacing aerated and added sugar beverages with plain, fresh water also is an effective strategy to reduce calorie intake. All carbonated drinks and beverages with artificial sweeteners are harmful to health and are loaded with sugar which adds on to the waistline increasing risk of several lifestyle diseases. A single serving of these drinks can have as high as 10 teaspoons of sugar.According to experts, the human brain sometimes misinterprets signals of thirst as a sign of hunger, so one ends up eating extra calories instead of drinking zero calorie water.It is not exactly known as to how much water one should drink daily. Experts suggest that one should let the thirst signals of the body be the guiding factor. As per general recommendations, women should drink about 8-10 cups of fluids and men should drink about 12-14 cups.Drinking more water is simply harmless unless one has a medical disorder which leads to fluid retention. So the next time you feel like munching on a bag of chips or a packet of your favorite cookies, just grab a bottle of water and your cravings will vanish!

5 Low Sugar Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
All kinds of alcoholic drinks contain some amount of sugar. An analysis of sugar levels in cider, sherry and spirits found that some drinks contained as many as five teaspoons of sugar in a single serving. Our body’s metabolism of sugar and carbohydrates when alcohol is present varies from the norm. Contrary to most food and beverages, alcohol has a lowering effect on blood sugars. Alcohol’s metabolism in the body blocks the liver’s release of blood sugar-regulating hormones. This can cause low blood sugars, or hypoglycemia, especially in individuals with diabetesA daily intake of 2-3 teaspoons of sugar is recommended for good health. Besides the alcohol the mixers added to the drinks further increase the sugar content of the drink. So to help you your sugar intake in check here are some drinks that have lower sugar content: 1. Gin: Distilled liquor has almost zero grams of sugar per serving. The sugar content of the fruit and grains used to make liquor is lost during the distillation process2. Vodka: Just like gin it contains zero grams of sugar. Biggest mistake people make while having it is by adding tonic to it. Tonic contains sugar and should be avoided if you are watching your sugar intake. Best way to consume vodka is as Russians do, sip it neat.3. Rum: Again Rum on its own contains no sugar but the mixers make up for it. A good rum can be sipped on the rocks.4. Red Wine: The wine-making process of fermentation turns the sugar in grapes into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Most of the grape sugar is used up during this process, leaving wine with very little sugar content. Red table wines have less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.5. Light Beer: Light beer has about half a gm of sugar per serving, lesser calories than regular beer and contains no fat. Lastly, the calories in alcohol are empty calories, which means that the drinks don’t also contain essential vitamins and minerals so the calories aren’t contributing anything to your health. Over time, too many of these empty calories can cause you to put on excess weight.

Weight Gain Diet

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
The most easily available option for a person trying to gain weight are supplements. Some of us are skeptical about adding them to the diet as the health consequences of these products have never been explained by anyone. Most of these weight gain supplements are heavily promoted but no one can for sure say what are the actual ingredients and what will be the health repercussions in the long run.Why would you want to experiment with your health? Instead, try a healthy weight gain diet to gain healthy weight. Here are few tips to help you get started on a healthy weight gain program.Tips for Gaining Weight• The weight gain diet should be nutritionally balanced. Focus on quality of food being consumed.• Small frequent meals should be taken i.e., 5-6 times in a day (3 larger meals and 3 smaller meals alternately. A gap of at least 3 hours should be there so that the body can digest each meal fully.• Never skip the breakfast from the meal as this is the most important meal of the day.• Eat protein because gaining weight demands for amino acids which are derived from the protein. Good sources of protein are- whey, fish, dairy products, meat, nuts, and seeds (almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds), pulses, etc.• Avoid caffeine and nicotine to help the body retain maximum nutritional value from what one eats.• Complex carbohydrates should be included in the diet e.g., oatmeal, potatoes, whole grain bread, and cereals, etc.• Healthy fats i.e. monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids should be included in the diet like olive oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil, canola oil, etc.• Exercise is an important element of the weight gain program. Make sure your workout routine contains over all conditioning and development of the body. For best results ask an expert to create personalized exercise routine for you.• Calories from quality protein, carbohydrates, and fats instead of junk and unhealthy foods are the best sources to help gain weight.The most basic information about gaining weight is that you don’t need to eat a lot of food. What you actually need to eat are foods that have high energy density like cheese, red meat, coconut, potatoes, yam, colocasia (arbi) etc to name a few. Stay tuned to read more on why some people find it difficult to gain weight than the others.

Energy Drink Which Is Actually Healthy!

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
These days a lot of people for better health, higher energy, more strength and fitness are, adding health drinks in their diet to improve their daily nutrition intake. We have put together a simple analysis on which are the popular health drinks in the market and which one is the healthiest energy drink of the lot. The three most popular health energy drink brands are horlicks, bournvita and complan. All of them claim to enhance growth, provide added nutrition and even promoted as meal replacement option as they carry sufficient nutrition to compensate for a single meal.Reading the nutrition label of the best selling health energy drinks we found that the base of all the three health drinks are nearly same when compared to their carbohydrate, fat and sugar value. We require carbohydrates for energy, protein for muscle building, fat for basic functions etc. The health drinks contain a large number of vitamins and minerals which improve the cell functions in the body. Below are the nutrition content of horlicks, bournvita and complanComplan: Milk protein – 18 gms; Fat – 11 gms; Carbohydrate – 62 gms of which sucrose is 27 gm.Bournvita: Protein – 7 gms; Fat – 2 gms; Carbohydtare- 84 gms of which sugar is 70.3 gm.Horlicks: Fat – 2 gms; Carbohydtare- 79.2 gms of which sugar is 13.5 gm.The major portion of the health drink is carbohydrates that easily breakdown in our bodies to provide energy. The carbohydrates can be simple sugar like sucrose and glucose which instantly breakdown in our body to produce energy. Bournvita has highest amount of sugar and carbohydrates in total. Though each health drink is fortifies with important vitamins and minerals like iron, b vitamins, vitamin a, d and e which has various functions in the body is is beneficial. Horlicks contains the least sugar as compared to other healthy energy drink and contains fiber of the grain which is healthy for the stomach.Things need to be notedThese energy drinks are mostly consumed with milk and carry sufficient amount of fortified nutrition. Even though they highlight the vitamins and minerals on the packaging in reality carbohydrate is the major component of these health drinks. People who are looking to lose weight should avoid health drinks and look for more natural foods like fruits and vegetables which are packed with vitamins and minerals and are low in calories as compared to any other food.Bottom LineWe require only 4 teaspoon of sugar in day and anything above it gets stored as fat in our body. Carbohydrates also convert into glucose and provide energy to the body. Extra sugar in our diet increases blood sugar levels in the body reducing insulin activity and leading to long term health hazards and metabolic disorder like diabetes etc. Sugar leads to heart problems, weight gain and causes multiple problems in the body.So if you're really adding any of these powder in your milk, be specific with the proportion. Unheaped single teaspoon without added sugar is the best way to have it.

Gaining Weight with an Indian Diet!

Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Ayurveda
Usually Weight loss is the most searched topic in health section,but the pain of being skinny or underweight is the one that only people who are suffering from it can imagine.The following is a Weight gain diet plan one can follow to get the desired body along with proper exercise.Note: This diet plan is for gaining weight. It is entirely based on Indian Food. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONSDrink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.Maintain your body weight within normal limits.Avoid fats, sweets, Ice-creams, soft drinks, chocolates, butter, ghee, sugar, salt and fried/junk food stuff.Avoid tinned and packed foods.Be liberal with fruits and vegetables.Maintain good personal hygiene and sanitation.Follow the diet plan and exercise schedule regularly and strictly to lose the required body weight. Try to have your dinner at least 2 hours before you go to sleep.EARLY MORNING( 5:00 a.m. To 6:00 a.m. )   Dalia (Without Sugar)20-50 gms. Black (Sprouted) gramsAlmonds (5 to 10 piece)Half Glass of Skimmed Milk (Without Sugar)BREAKFAST(7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.)1 Glass of Non Fat Milk,1-2 Bananas / 2-3 Food Supplement (+ or) 1-2 slices Toast with White butter/vegetable, cheese, sandwich (+ or) 1-2 Parantha with white butter/curd prepared from (Non-Fat) milk or corn flakes. AFTERNOON(11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. )    1 Glass of fresh juice (No Salt) (or) 2 Boiled potatoes with salad.       LUNCH(2:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m.)Dal (or) sabzi (Boiled and prepared in refined oil or olive oil)(+) Green Salad(+) 1 Bowl of Curd/Raita (Non Fat Milk)2-3 Chapatis of 1 Plate Brown Rice(+) Vitamin B-Complex.After 15 to 30 Mins Plain water as per your capacity.EVENING(5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)  1 Glass of Juice/Shake/Soup (+) 1-2 Bananas/1-2 Boiled Potatoes/25-50 grams if Raw Cheese with Salad.DINNER  Same as Lunch + (Soyabean, Raw Cheese, Green Veg., Non Veg.)(Don’t ad B-complex)After 15 to 30 Mins,Plain water as per capacity + 5 Mins Walking.Before Sleeping½, Glass of Skimmed milk (Food Supplement- 1-2 spoons).

6 Diet Tips to Lead Healthy Life

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
People either exercise or diet to lose weight. While to really lose weight & keep it off you need a combination of both. If you are not watching what you eat and think just by exercising you will get results then you have uphill task ahead of you. Smart people know that to lose weight they need to first watch what they eat and then add physical activity to multiply your efforts and lose weight fast.Here are six easy diet tips that will not only help you lose weight, be healthy and keep the weight off for longer:1. Stop obsessing about foodFor most of us food is the center of our being. Maybe that’s our downfall. You need to make an effort to stop obsessing about food so much. Start by eating 3 proper meals a day. Eating every two hours will not help you keep your mind off food.2. Don’t overeat in the name of “healthy”This specifically applies to food that we eat out. Just because it is labelled as healthy that does not mean it does not contain calories. It might have marginally lesser calories than its counterpart or may contain one of two ingredients that make it healthy but it still does not give you an excuse to overeat.3. Grab an apple before you step out of the houseLeaving house on an empty stomach is a bad idea. You are setting yourself up for eating extra calories while you are out. Eating an apple before you step out will prevent you from being tempted and eating food just for the heck of it. It will also help you choose smartly while ordering something to eat. Try this for a month and watch how much weight you will actually lose by following this simple trick!4. Eating Sugar makes you crave more sugarEating food high on sugar makes you crave more food that contains sugar. Did you know sugar is addictive?! Infact it has been compared to have the same effect on our brain as some drugs do. Be smart and skip sugar. This also means staying away from processed foods that contain sugar in the form of ‘concentrate’, ‘fructose syrup’ or ‘corn syrup’. Read the label before you buy anything off the shelf.5. Try ordering water instead of coffee Don’t look surprised, try it. You don’t realize how many empty calories are consumed while hanging out at coffee shops. Next time you go to a coffee shop order a bottle of water instead of your regular drink. You will have something to drink without an added burden of calories! If plain water doesn’t make the cut you can always get yourself a cup of green or black tea without sugar.6. Exercising is not your ticket to overeatThe most common mistake made, maybe that’s why you see them going to the gym day after day and yet look the same size. Even the most exhausting workout can burn may be 300 calories per hour but a slice of pizza is approximately that much. So don’t let your hard work go waste.Stay on track with these diet tips and practice moderation to help you not only lose weight but also keep it off.

Liquid Diet

Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Ayurveda
A clear liquid diet consists of most liquids you can easily see through like water, broth and plain gelatin. These are liquid at body temperature, easily digested and leave no residue in your intestinal tract. A clear liquid diet should not be continued for more than 3-5 days, as it cannot provide you with adequate calories and nutrients, and should not be tried without physician supervision.The most important aspect of your clear liquid diet, immediately after bariatric surgery, is to keep well hydrated.Purpose:A clear liquid diet helps maintain adequate hydration, provides important electrolytes like sodium and potassium, and gives some energy when a full diet isn’t possible. A clear liquid diet is often prescribed:To prepare the bowel for a gastrointestinal procedure such as sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, some x-rays, or for surgery.If you have certain digestive problems, such as nausea, abdominal distention, vomiting or diarrhea because clear liquids are easily absorbed by the body and reduce stimulation of the digestive system.To reintroduce foods following a period with no oral intake.What is considered a Clear Liquid?You can eat or drink only things you can see through. These are acceptable clear liquids:Plain waterFruit juices without pulp, such as apple juice, grape juice or cranberry juiceStrained lemonade, limeade or fruit punchClear, fat-free broth Clear sodas (Ginger Ale, Sprite)Plain gelatin (Jell-O)Italian iceKool-AidHoneyPopsicles without bits of fruit or fruit pulpTea or coffee without milk or cream (may add sugar or lemon juice)Sports drinksClear nutritional supplements.What are the risks of a clear liquid diet? The clear liquid diet does not provide all the nutrients you need. You may need to drink a nutrition supplement if you have to follow this diet for more than 3 days. If you do not follow this diet, you may continue to have diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting if you were asked to follow this diet because of these problems.These are NOT acceptable clear liquids:MilkTomato juiceFruit juice with pulpFruit nectars.Dairy products, such as milk, hot cocoa, buttermilk, and creamWhat is sample menu for a clear liquid diet?Breakfast: 1 cup of juice, ¾ cup of clear broth, ½ cup of lemon gelatin, and 1 cup of coffee with sugar.Morning snack: 1 cup of a clear sports drinkLunch: ½ cup of juice, ¾ cup of clear broth, ¾ cup of lemon-lime soda, and 1 popsicle (equals about 2 ounces of liquid).Afternoon snack: 1 popsicle Evening meal: ½ cup of juice, ¾ cup of clear broth, ¾ cup of ginger ale, ½ cup of flavored gelatin, and 1 cup of herbal tea with honey or sugar.Evening snack: 1 cup of flavored gelatin