Losing weight fast and keeping it off is no easy task, which is why I’ve compiled top diet tips for losing those extra few kilos.

  1. Kick start your day with Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because breakfast enhances your energy level to utilize throughout the day. It also helps to boost your metabolism which improves your concentration and focus. Skipping breakfast is surely a formula for sabotaging your effort to stay fit & healthy.

  1. Fill Up On Hot Foods

All need some appetite control, on many special occasions. Going with an empty stomach to a restaurant with fabulous food is guaranteed to lead to overeating….though you feel guilty thereafter. When extreme hunger hits, try having hot foods and beverages and are more satisfying than cold foods or drinks. Soup can be a very good choice. Plates can be loaded with salads for more filling and certainly have an added health perk of fiber and satisfaction.

  1. What to Eat?

Try to maintain a food diary. Note down your food intake, what time to eat, what amount you eat over a day is certainly a formula for tracking your intake and ascertain your calorie intake. Losing weight requires consistency and you need to be more sticky with your diet plan.

  1. Can I eat dessert & still lose weight?

Yes, you can eat dessert and still lose weight only when you make one small fruit such as apple or orange as your preferred dessert or you make your own dessert at home instead of buying from the supermarket which typically has too much sugar along with chemicals. When you make your own dessert in your kitchen, you can choose the healthier oil with less sugar and an own healthy addition of nuts.

“Combinations of sugar, white flour, butter and trans fat are diabetes on a plate. So if you’re eating dessert most nights, you’re asking for trouble.”– Dr. Walter Willett (Nutrition Department of Harvard School of Public Health)

  1. Cook Your Foods at Kitchen

It’s much difficult to manage well-balanced diet plan nowadays. But if you prepare yourself, you have own delicious food and it makes your life easier. Thus, you’ll not save your valuable time, even your pocket will also thumb up to you. Whether you’re buying food from market, restaurant & grocery stores, cook your meal with your own styles with healthier stuff. In that way, you’ll enjoy wholesome breakfast, lunch & dinner during the week as well.

  1. Moving Exercise

After discussion on foods, most important factor is exercise.  Brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and light weight training is good for burning calories and to make the muscle stronger with weight loss.