Dengue fever also known as breakbone fever, is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rashthat is similar to measles. In a small proportion of cases the disease develops into the life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever, resulting in bleeding, low levels of blood platelets and blood plasma leakage, or into dengue shock syndrome,

According to statistical data there had been rise of 22 % cases of Dengue in Maharashtra in 2014 than 2013

Prevention, Symptomatic  treatment after diagnosis, rest and lots of fluid can help to combat this disease

There are no approved vaccines for the dengue virus. Prevention thus depends on control of and protection from the bites of the mosquito that transmits it.

The primary method of controlling A. aegypti is by eliminating its habitats. This is done by getting rid of open sources of water, or if this is not possible, by adding insecticides or biological control agents to these areas.

Reducing open collections of water through environmental modification is the preferred method of control, given the concerns of negative health effects from insecticides and greater logistical difficulties with control agents.

People can prevent mosquito bites by wearing clothing that fully covers the skin, using mosquito netting while resting,

However, these methods appear not to be sufficiently effective, as the frequency of outbreaks appears to be increasing in some areas, probably due to urbanization increasing the habitat of A. aegypti. The range of the disease appears to be expanding possibly due to climate change

Home remedies

1. Papaya for dengue:

Juice made of papaya and its leaves is considered as one of the best home remedy. Papaya leaves are packed with enzymes that normalize platelet count, improve clotting factor, improves liver function thereby helping the person to recover.

Have the juice with little water as it is bitter to taste

2. Dragon fruit juice:

This fruit once enjoyed as an expensive and exotic smoothic or juice is supposed to help for dengue fever.

The vitamin c in this fruit aid in  improving immunity and prevent dengue hemorrhagic fever. It is good for bones, boost hemoglobin and has high antioxidant property

3. High Protein Diet:

To restore the vitamins,minerals,proteins and fats in body, high protein diet is required after  recovery. So eating fish, eggs,moong dal khichdi,buttermilk and vegetables soups will get patient to normal activities fast

Homoeopathy can help you to get relief from the acute  symptoms and also prevent further  complications. Remedies indicated

  • Eupatorium:

Bone breaking pain with fever

Chill every 7-9am morning preceded by great thirst

Nausea, vomiting at close of chill.

Periodical Headache and vomiting, chill 7-9 am, fever 3rd -4th day.

Craving for cold drinks, acid drinks, ice creams.

Moaning with all complaints.

  • Aranea Diadema:

Periodicity and suceptibility to Dampness with coldness present in every synptom.

Throbbing pains in the long bones, feels cold to the very bones.

Wakes up at night with hands twice their natural size.

All complaints better by Smoking.

  • Hammemilis:

Haemorrhages Capillary which causes Undue weakness.

Headache esp left temple feels as if bolt were pushed inside.

Eyes feels sore, blood shot eyes, better by pressure on eyes.

Hastens Absorption of haemorrhage inside the body.

Forgetful , but egoistic remedy wants the respect to be shown.

• Other remedies: gel, Rhus veneta, Secale cor, Podophyllum, Ipecac , Crotallus horridus are often used as per the symptoms