Cupping Therapy  is indicated  for  blood disorders, pain  relief, inflammatory  conditions,  mental and physical relaxation,  varicose veins and  deep  tissue  massage and  quotes up  to  50% improvement in  fertility  levels.   Cupping is  an  ancient  method  of  treatment that has been  used  in the treatment  and cure  of  a  broad range of  conditions;  blood diseases  such  as haemophilia  and hypertension, rheumatic conditions ranging  from  arthritis,  sciatica, back  pain,  migraine, anxiety  and  general physical  and  mental  well-being. The  aim  of  Cupping  is to  extract blood  that  is believed  to  be  harmful  from  the body  which in turn rids  the  body  of  potential  harm  from  symptoms leading to  a reduction in  well-being  (Ullah,  2007). Wet-cupping  has been  used as an  alternative treatment  method  throughout  the  world,  especially  in Asia, the Middle  East  and  Europe. The  main  purpose of  this therapy  is to precipitate  the circulation of blood and  to  remove  blood-stasis  and  waste  from  the body(Kim, 2011). Benefits  of  Cupping: By  creating  suction and negative pressure, cupping  has been  found to affect the body  up  to  four  inches  into  the  tissues, which  is used  to treat muscle pain  and  spasms, drain  excess fluids and  toxins,  loosen  adhesions,  connective tissue and stubborn  knots in  soft  tissue,  stimulate  blood circulation  and  bring  blood  flow  to  nourish  stagnant muscles and  skin,  enhance  the  flow  of  energy, stimulate the peripheral  nervous  system, activate the lymphatic system, clear  colon blockages,  help activate and  clear  the arteries,  veins,  and capillaries, and improve  varicose veins. Cupping  draws the inflammation  out,  yet  does  not  add  to  it. Due  to its stimulating and strengthening effects cupping  has been used successfully  to  treat all of  the following: bowel  conditions (IBS, constipation  and  diarrhea), headaches, back  pain, arthritis,  period  pain,  injuries, asthma,  cellulite,  fatigue (ME), anemia, depression and emotional  problems, atrophy, sciatica, common cold and  flu, skin problems, blood  pressure, ladies problems, weight loss, and  more(Baird, 2011).