Women all over the world are excelling and reaching top positions now more than ever especially in the corporate world. Indian women are not far behind. However, the fact that the corporate world is a man’s scene is not really up for debate. Pay scale differences, differential treatment, gender bias and the rate of promotions are still very much in favour of the man. A woman has to work twice as hard to reach a top position than her counterpart with similar calibre. This she must do while juggling several responsibilities. No wonder then that the Indian corporate woman feel torn between her personal life, career and her own well being.

The one thing common amongst the top corporate women is that they have, over the years, achieved a balance between their personal and professional lives while being completely committed to their own well being. In order to perform at their best women need to stay charged, energetic and motivated almost a 100% of the time. For this not only do their bodies but also their minds need to be in top shape. A sound mind in a sound body is no easy task but an absolute must for a woman pursuing an ambitious career. 

Below are a few things that have worked for the women at the top of the corporate world and they will work for you too. Just pick what suits you and go for it wholeheartedly.

   1.     Learn to manage stress.There are several ways to do this. First - admit that you are stressed and take a step back or slow down for a bit. Learn to prioritize and to say no. Ask for help. Find a confidant that you can open up your feelings to. Get enough rest.Meditate every night, even if it is for 10 minutes.

  2. Practice mindful eating.Don’t obsess over your weight; obsess over nutrition. Keep healthy munchies such as fruits, dry fruits, etc. handy. Say no to fad diets- they will sap your energy and you will regain the weight just as quickly. Include enough iron in your daily diet such as lentils, cereal, green leafy veggies, dates- this will keep your energy up all day. Get at least 2 sources of calcium per day via dairy products, green leafy vegetables, figs, almonds, oranges, fish, etc.Limit tea or coffee to two a day. Don’t skip a meal. Eat small frequent meals for optimal functioning of your mind and body. 

3. Exercise is fuel for the body and mind. Find any excuse to fit exercise into your busy day. Don’t take a lift unless you have to. Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. Walk wherever possible.During your break time climb the stairs a few times. Walk while you talk (on the phone). Find a form of exercise you enjoy and commit a few minutes everyday. Go to the gym- do a combination of cardio and light weight training. Do zumba or yoga. Join a running group. Take up dancing lessons. Join aerobic classes.A study recently pointed out that women who played sports or indulged in daily physical activity were more likely to become successful and happier. 

    And last but not the least. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You can’t be perfect all the time! As Radhika Shrivastava(Fortune Institute of International Business) says, “As working women, we juggle a lot of balls. It is okay if some of the balls fall down occasionally!”