Copd Is a Silent Killer Reduce Stress & Pollution!

Everyone is talking about

Pollution, both indoors & Outdoors

Particulate matters in the air we breathe in and to live a healthy life which is productive to Self and to the Society.

Various Types of Methods to cut down Pollution.

Different types of Masks are available in markets.

Air Purifiers are sold as an Essential Item to be Kept at homes to cut down levels of Indoor Pollution which is worse than outdoor pollution, according to a report published today.

Does anyone talk about Stress as an aggravating factor for COPD?

Are we Aware of Certain medicines being the Cause of COPD?

Do Take Care of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by giving Clean air 

If Medicines to Induce Medical Termination of Pregnancy are Not Used rampantly, maybe the Numbers of Women Patients are Less because Indian Women Do Not Smoke!

Indian Women are Prone to Get Stressed Due to Taunts of Other Women Making Adage Crystal Clear That-

Women are Worst Enemies of Own Species.

They Taunt other women who are single but not ready to mingle, widows are dumped, mothers of daughters only in a son obsessed society, spinsters etc.

Prostagandin is the medicine used rampantly to induce Medical Termination of Unwanted Girls.

Once fetus of a girl child is successfully eliminated, women are sent again for termination, not twice but plenty of times during her youth.

No Doctor is willing to Share The Side Effects of Prostaglandin if given in excess to cause abortion-COPD, during later years, maybe before a blessed Son is born!

No Doctor is Willing to Share with Affected Woman that STRESS aggravates COPD.

How to cope?

Woman Has To Be Bold To say No to Selective Abortions.

She Knows the Repercussions of Her Decision - Social Outcast!

 Her Own Blood relations turn away as unknowingly ---

She is a Rebel With a Purpose of Raising HER Daughters All Alone.

Maybe Gods & Goddesses above are Kinder than Humans on earth.

Her Karmas speak Louder & She can Reduce her STRESS levels and stay in a Relaxed State of Mind!

Others are astonished by her Care a Damn Attitude & Start Whispering 

Is there another man in her life ??

As if Life is Impossible without the presence of The Man, Father/Brother/husband/Live in etc

 life is Difficult, no Doubts but It is--

Worth Living for the Sake of Daughters Who are Alive, Healthy & Intelligent and are Contributing to Society instead of Looting Society!

  • Reduce Pollution, both indoors & outdoors
  • Reduce the intake of medicines, which are not ethical
  • But Reduce Stress, which is Baap of COPD
  • Be a Loner if need be.